16 Home Remedies For Sore Throat

sore throat

Occurrence of sore throat may be caused from viral infection, bacterial infection, gastroesophageal reflux disease that occurs from back flow of stomach acid to food pipe, and other environmental factors. These causes extreme pain and irritation in the throat. Swallowing of any kinds of solid and liquid foods get very difficult. During this time the glands may get swollen and white patches on the tonsils also can be found. The voice may also get hoarse in this condition.

Viral infections like mononucleosis can spread through saliva. Measles and chickenpox are infections that are contagious and can be known from the rash and sores in the skin with high fever. Sore throat may also occur from bacterial infections like strep throat inflammation caused by the Streptococcal Bacteria, and also from diphtheria. Below is the list of 16 Home Remedies for sore throat which you can try at your home.

  • Ginger is one of the best home remedies for sore throat as this an expectorant, which helps loosen and expel mucus from the respiratory system. Its flavor opens up the sinuses also. It fights off the bad bacteria. The ginger can be taken with hot tea. The ginger is first sliced or can be crushed and then it is added with warm water along with a bit of honey. It also relieved one from cough and cold.
  • Another option is to do gargle hot water with sage leaves along with a little amount of salt. It is a kind of natural remedy where the tissues get contracted to reduce the swollen throat condition. Sage leaves contain phenolic acid, which kills bad bacteria that cause swollen throat.
  • Cinnamon, which are high in anti-oxidants, if taken with either boiling water or tea relieves a suffering person by reducing the mucus and helps in breathing more easily. It acts as a good result for sore throat caused from cough and cold.
  • Taking some mixed ingredients like salt, honey, lemon, apple vinegar and baking soda can also cure swollen throats. All the ingredients help in cutting down the excessive mucus count kills the bad bacteria and soothe the swollen throat.
  •  Chamomile has anti-spasmodic components, which helps in relaxing the swollen throats. It also helps in killing the bacteria that cause the muscle to swallow. Preparation of tea with these ingredients will surely bring relieve to the throat muscle.
  • Pomegranates contain astringents, which helps in lowering down the pain by contracting the tissues and muscle in the swollen area. It fights the infection with its anti-oxidants properties. Preparation of tea made with pomegranate or drinking of its juice along with gargling with it can also relieve one from throat irritation.
  • During swollen throats it is always advisable to stay away from smog, fumes and smoke, which results in irritation of the soft tissues. Caffeine and alcohol can cause problem from getting cured off the sore throat, so the better one keep those away the more fast becomes the cure from the infection. Too sugary candies are also to be avoided.
  • Chewing of whole cloves is also beneficial to cure the sore throat infection as it contains Eugenol, which acts as a natural painkiller. Eugenol is also anti-bacterial which, helps to numb the pain in the throat.
  • Tea made from Honeysuckle herb can ease coughs and sore throats. It has anti-bacterial chemical in it, which helps to flush out the toxins from the bloodstream and being an anti-inflammatory agent, reduce the swollen muscles inside the throats.
  • Warm water with baking soda also relaxes one from the irritation of throat. Both the antibacterial and alkaline properties in it do well to the sore throat. Preparation of tea with it or warm water with a small amount of salt can help in curing sore throat.
  • Due to the properties of anti-viral and anti-inflammatory in the licorice roots, preparation of warm water along with the roots of licorice helps to reduce the swollen area of the throat by soothing the mucus membranes in it. A mixture of cloves and cinnamon also helps to cure sore throat.
  • Apart from the licorice roots, another herb known as Marshmallow roots which are also beneficial to cure sore throat. This root contains mucilage, which helps in soothing the mucus membranes in the throat. Marshmallow roots also cause in lowering the blood sugar level so it is advisable to have a check with the doctor before having marshmallow roots tea.
  • Inhaling of steam can also act as a healing agent of the throat soreness. The steam relieves the congestion from the throat and makes it easier to breathe.
  • Garlic contains allicin, a compound, which kills the bacteria, that causes the sore throat. Eating a fresh clove of garlic everyday during the period of sore throat will definitely help in healing the swollen area.
  • A tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with a spoonful of honey helps in curing sore throat. Apple Cider Vinegar contains high level of acid, which destroys the bacteria that causes the soreness in the throat.
  • The last but not the least effort that can be done is to gargle warm water accompanied by a tablespoon of salt in it. Saltwater helps in decreasing the swollen surface as it shrinks the swollen cells by drawing out water from the area. It also moves away if any excess mucus gets accumulated at the concerned area.


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