5 Physical Therapy Exercises For Hip Pain

Pain coming from the hips could originate from different causes. It can come from the hip joint itself or from the surrounding parts around it. Since the hip joint has space around it and has fluid inside, any stress, injury or illness that can cause inflammation may give rise to pain.

Aside from the socket area, cartilages that surround the joint can also wear and tear. This can also become a source of pain if not intervened right away. Any stress on the muscles and tendons surrounding the hip joint can also cause some pain in some cases.

Since they help in stabilizing the area, any inflammation can affect adjacent areas as well. Aside from the actual hip area, inflammation from the sciatic nerve from the spinal column can also give rise to this.

Thighs can also cause discomfort and aching sensations. It can also come from other underlying and specific conditions such as previous history of trauma such as hip fracture and dislocation, contusions, sprains and strains, overuse injuries, hip bursitis, traumatic hip pain from various conditions such as arthritis, infection, hernia, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, osteonecrosis, snapping hip syndrome, stress fracture, developmental dysplasia in children where the hips of the child are or out of position during infancy causing the the joint not to develop in the correct manner, sciatica among others.

To alleviate hip pain you can do various hip exercises to strengthen your hip area. By means of exercising, you can avoid the eventual wear and tear and protect your joint and its surrounding parts from future degeneration.

Treatment by physical therapy plays an important role in the easing of pain for nearly all orthopedic conditions. Physical therapists with the help of physical therapy assistants use different methods to help increase strength to the affected areas, help regain movement and help affected patients go back to their level of activity before they got injured.

Physical therapy utilizes specific stretches, exercises and techniques and at times with the help of specialized equipment to address issues and challenges.

Among the numerous exercises you can try are the leg lift, wall slide and hip flexors stretch that do not use any machines or equipment. You can also try exercises that use machines such as squats and quadriceps squeeze. Below are simple exercises to use to help alleviate hip pain.

Leg Lift Exercise


Leg Lift Exercise

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To execute the leg lift, kindly relax yourself and lie on the floor. Now lie to your right side. Gently bend your right leg while resting your left foot on the ground. Gradually lift the leg that is on top up to two feet off the ground. Once it is already two feet off the ground, hold that position for five seconds before gradually lowering your leg. Repeat the exercise for five times before doing the same procedure to your left side.


Wall Slide Exercise

Wall Slide Exercise

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To execute the wall slide, stand up straight against a wall, with your feet apart ideally as apart as your shoulders’ width. Gradually bend your knees while sliding down, with your back still touching the wall, counting until five until the bent is at forty-five degrees. Hold the position for five seconds before gradually standing up again. Repeat the exercise five times.

Hip Flexor Exercise


Hip Flexor Exercise

To execute the hip flexors stretch simply stand up straight and alternately bend one your knees up bringing it up to your waist level. Gauge if you can balance well, if not simply place a chair near you or hold against the wall to give you support.

You can also choose to execute exercises using different gym equipment to strengthen your hips. Among the different exercises that you can apply are squats and quadriceps squeeze. Just a word of caution, if you had hip replacement surgery or are suffering from severe arthritis, you are not allowed to do squats.

Squat Exercises


Squat Exercises for hip pain

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Squats can help strengthen your quadriceps muscles as well as hamstring muscles for front and back thigh muscles. Using a squat machine, stand up straight while gradually bending your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Gradually return to the starting position.

Quadricep Squeeze

quadriceps machine

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To do quadriceps squeeze, sit on the seat of the quadriceps machine. Position your knee below a pad while straightening your knee against the machine’s resistance. Gently squeeze your quadriceps while you are lifting the weight up and while you are gently lowering it down.

Apart from exercises, other treatments used for hip pain include resting, using anti inflammatory medication or ice and heat applications.

Whichever exercises that you may choose, whether they use machines or not, it is still best to seek the advice of your doctor or physical therapist to ensure that you will not cause any further injuries to your body especially for delicate cases.

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