5 Ways To Stay Motivated While Losing Weight

One of the most difficult things about weight loss is not shredding pounds themselves but the motivation to continue to do it in the long run. If you know how to motivate yourself to keep on going when you feel like ditching your diet and eating as much as you can, you will win. Though different people are motivated by different things, here are some more or less universal tips that will help you to stay motivated.

Results Are the Best Motivator

Not surprisingly, you are most motivated when you see it is working. In other words, when you notice unwanted pounds go away and your body is getting closer and closer to your dream, it is much easier to keep on dieting.

Results can be measured in many ways. The most obvious is the amount of pounds lost. Another measure is how many inches from your waist, belly, hips, etc. you have managed to lose.

You can also measure results by the way your clothes look on you. If you manage to get into a piece of clothing you couldn’t even dream about, now this is really motivating, even if the scales don’t say you’ve lost dozens of pounds.

Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Weight Loss Goals

Results motivate really well but it is only when your goals are realistic. For instance, if you set to lose 50 pounds in a month and fortunately you don’t achieve this (I’m saying fortunately because if you manage to do it, this could be a real risk not only to your health but to your very existence!), you might decide your diet is pointless.

This is why it is important to set realistic weight loss goals. You might want to lose 50 pounds but don’t do it fast. Presuming you are really overweight (i.e. you are 200+ pounds), it is safe and realistic, if you lose 50 pounds over 6 months or more.

However, if you are 150 pounds or less and you decide to lose 50 pounds in a month or two, this isn’t a good idea. Well, you might achieve it (and still be alive after all this) but it is not safe to do it. So, don’t set such unrealistic weight loss goals because you will be disappointed when you don’t achieve them and you put your health at a serious risk, if you somehow manage to achieve them.

Don’t Stop When Weight Loss Slows Down

One of the moments when it is the hardest to keep your motivation is when you stop losing weight. You might limit your food to an amount that can starve a cat and exercise yourself rigorously and still pounds won’t go.

I know it doesn’t sound nice to hear it but this moment is normal in weight loss. It is called the weight loss plateau and it just happens.

When you reach the plateau, it is even more important not to give up. Keep on counting your calories, exercise regularly, and sooner or later your system will resume weight loss. The worst you can do is stop now because if you do, you will regain the lost pounds very quickly.

Get Motivational Magnets, Stickers, Posters, and the Like

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself that you mustn’t give up. Motivational magnets, stickers, posters, and the like help a lot. You can get custom-made gifts with motivational texts from sites, such as Zazzle. Browse the site and see what cute sayings you can stick on your fridge, for example, to make you more motivated to lose weight. Some of these motivational pieces are very funny, so in addition to keeping you motivated, you will also get a laugh every time you see them.

Cut Bad Influences and Team with Other Dieters

Bad influences are one of the mines in weight loss. Don’t listen to all “friends” who are “concerned” about you starving yourself. Some of them might really wish you good but many of them are just jealous you are on the right track.

Instead, surround yourself with likely-minded people. Other dieters make good company and when you go out, you won’t be tempted to go somewhere where you will eat a lot.

Also, it helps, when you tell everybody you are losing weight and allow them to make jokes if you fail. Probably not everybody will like this idea, especially if your friends and acquaintances are malicious and if you give them the green light, they will not only joke, but outright abuse you about your weight but if you friends and acquaintances are kind people, some constructive joking will help.

Keeping your motivation is key to your weight loss success. If you manage to keep your motivation alive, you are bound to succeed!

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