6 Little Known Ways To Improve Your Health

There are tons of “suggestions” out there for using diets, exercise and even supplements to help improve your health. Eat this, don’t eat that, exercise this amount of time per day, go for X amount of walks…blah blah blah.

We’ve all heard them before, but for whatever reason, many of those suggestions may not feel like enough in terms of living a better, happier, healthier life. That’s why there are these 6 little known ways to improve your health and feel better in life in general that shouldn’t be a secret any longer.

6 Little Known Ways To Improve Your Health

Go For A Massage

This one may be a hardship for many people (yeah, not), but research shows that even a short 10-minute massage is enough to reduce inflammation in parts of the body by increasing circulation and delivering essential oxygen and nutrients to your brain, which will have lasting health benefits. Even if you can’t afford the longer ones, just a short one will thereby do the trick.

But if you can splurge and go for an hour, studies suggest that massages can reduce stress and help relax your body enough to help you sleep better at night and wake up feeling more energized and less drowsy. This will also help your immune system keep working its hardest and not shut down on you, allowing you to succumb to colds or the flu.

A good massage can also trigger the parts of your body that naturally remove toxins (the lymphatic glands). Removing the toxins makes your body work more effectively and promotes good overall health.

Eat Dessert for Breakfast

If you’re on a diet, or have ever gone on one, that eliminates the consumption of sugars altogether, you know that sweets cravings kick in almost immediately after you decide to make an attempt at not eating sugar. Eating dessert for breakfast is the answer for that.

When you indulge at night, your body holds on to the sugars that you just consumed and they sit in your stomach where they eventually convert to fat. If you eat cookies, cakes or ice creams with breakfast, though, your body uses the energy from the sugar throughout the entire day, giving it plenty of time to burn off.

A recent study in Israel found that participants who ate sweets with breakfast lost an average of 40 pounds more than those who eliminated sugar entirely. That’s because by eating the sugar in the morning, it eliminated cravings for it throughout the rest of the day.

Scientists suggest, though, that if you want to try the dessert for breakfast thing, make sure you’re eating a breakfast of about 600 calories total and not exceeding 1,400 calories for women and 1,600 calories for men over the course of a day.

Work On Posture

If you work at a desk job, you might find yourself slouching over your desk in front of your computer for hours upon hours of every single weekday. Think of the back and hip aches, the neck aches and even the headaches that ensue!

By working to improve your posture, you’ll be correcting the alignment of your spine, which leads to less back and neck aches, and even less headaches.

Try sitting towards the front edge of your desk chair instead of slouching down into it. This will somewhat naturally force you to sit up straight. Or, if you dare, try replacing your desk chair with an exercise ball. Sitting on the ball will keep your core muscles engaged throughout the day and you’ll end up forcing yourself to sit up straight because of it, just to keep balance.

Most importantly, get up and walk around frequently. Sitting at a desk for a prolonged period of time isn’t good on anyone’s body, and can easily be combatted with some added movement throughout the day. When you get up, consciously think about keeping your shoulders back, head up and spine straight with every step.

Eventually you’ll improve your posture so much that you’ll physically feel better. Now that’s an improvement to your health.

Decorate With Plants

Wherever you spend the majority of your time during the day, whether it’s at home or at an office, surround yourself with some extra greenery to reap the awesome health benefits from plants.

Yes, of course plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, but did you know that plants can also help remove toxins and pollutants from the air, clearing it up for you to breathe?

Plants have a tendency to naturally humidify the air, which is great for eliminating allergens and really freshening the air. Plus, being surrounded by greenery is actually proven to make people feel happier and more productive than an empty office or home space.

Get Some Sunshine

A certain amount of sun exposure can be very healthy for us, assuming we’re protecting our skin from harmful UVB rays with sun screen. But the sun stimulates the production of vitamin D in our bodies, and we need vitamin D to help with our health for a number of reasons.

Vitamin D deficiency, first of all, is now being linked to increased instances of cancer in several studies. So by getting enough vitamin D on a regular basis, we are not only kicking our chances of cancer, but we’re also increasing our immunity and boosting our moods.

This wonder vitamin can also help control weight by regulating insulin levels within the body and even helping to reduce belly fat and decrease the risk of diabetes. Vitamin D can also help the body distribute calcium so it is properly absorbed and used, helping to prevent cases of osteoporosis.

Lower blood pressure is also an effect of Vitamin D, since it improves proper blood flow. And adding all of these health benefits to your daily intake is a simple matter of getting out and enjoying a little bit of sunshine!

Laugh…A Lot

Laughing is more than just something that’s fun to do – it’s good for your health, too, and actually has a science to it that improves your overall well-being.

A good laugh can relax the body and have an impact lasting up to 45 minutes after the laughter. Because of this, stress hormones in the body are better controlled, resulting in increased levels of immune cells to support a healthy functioning immune system.

Laughter can also help improve the function of blood vessels in your body and can increase the flow of blood. This combination helps keep your heart healthy and can reduce your risk of a heart attack or cardiovascular disease.

Plus, it makes you happy! Laughing releases high levels of endorphins in your body, which make you feel good and happy. These endorphins can even help temporarily relieve minor aches and pains.

So the next time you’re looking for easy ways to help improve your health, have a good laugh in the sunshine with some friends, surrounded by natural greenery, eating cookies in the morning. You’ll be sure to see the benefits sooner than you think!

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