6 Natural Ways to Help Prevent Motion sickness

Motion Sikness

“As soon as my car starts moving, I start feeling sick and it gets worse with time. I sometimes think, I should stay away from everything that moves,” says Sarah who has been suffering from motion sickness, since she was a kid. There are many people like Sarah who suffer from motion sickness and they find it really hard to cope with travelling.

If you feel uneasy, nausea, dizziness and headaches while travelling in any mode of transportation then all of these indicate towards motion sickness. So is there a way you can deal with this problem which makes you sick to your stomach every time you think of travelling.

What exactly is motion sickness?

Motion sickness is not considered a critical or a lasting problem but for people, who are required to travel due to work related or any other reasons, it can cause issues. The problem is equally common among men and women. However, motion sickness is more common among women, aged adults and children older than five years. Sea sickness and airsickness are all types of motion sickness depending on vehicular variation. When your balance detecting system (eyes, sensory nerves or inner year) cannot equally determine movement then this sensory conflict causes your body to react and make you feel sick. Let’s look at this way, you are in a moving boat, jerking with waves or moving with its pace and your ear senses the unsteady movement of waves but your eyes or sensory nerves are unable to detect this movement then this will make your body react. For some people, the problem can even be stimulated by constantly viewing movement, such as, video games or microscopes.


Motion sickness usually starts off with cold sweating, skin getting pale, dizziness, drooling and nausea. For some people, as the movement intensifies the symptoms can also show breathing issues, severe headache, extreme weariness, muscle stiffness and drowsiness. Since the problem doesn’t last long so for most people the symptoms eventually get normal as their body adapts to the movement and the problem causing conditions. On the other hand, there are a few people whose symptoms only get normal once they step out of the moving body because their balance sensing organs do not adapt to the environment.

Focus, focus, focus:

Most people treat their sickening condition by focusing on one point. When your concentration is focused on one point the signals your inner ear, eyes and brain receives will be equally balanced and similar. This is effective in treating. Also, it’s best for people suffering from motion sickness to be seated in the front seat, facing the direction your vehicle is moving in. Similarly, this can help you focus on an object outside.

Herbs For Motion Sickness:

Herbs have been known to healing many problems and when it comes to treating motion sickness without the use of medicines having their own side effects then there is nothing better than an herbal solution. Ginger is one such natural solution to motion sickness which has been working for people since centuries. You can consume ginger in its raw form or in a powdered form to treat mild to extreme nausea. You can use peppermint if garlic is not your most preferred choice in treating motion sickness. Also, fenugreek leaves or seeds, fennel and basil are all helpful herbs in treating motion sickness.

Breathe Fresh:

When it comes to motion sickness the easiest and immediate remedy is to breath in fresh air as much as you can. If you are the type whose symptoms eventually gets normal with time then nothing is better than breathing in fresh air and calming your nerves down rather than panicking as soon as you start feeling sick. Even if the idea of travelling scares then you seriously need to calm down, think of it as normally as you can.

Wristband for Acupressure:

Acupressure wristbands are an instant solution, specifically if you plan to go for a road trip or long travel. These are easily available in grocery stores, drugstores, or can be purchased online. The bands work in a way where pressure is applied to your wrist’s inside and thus help in reducing nausea.

The more you eat, the more sick you get:

Yes, you have to keep munching or eating to a minimal. Overeating, over alcohol consumption or eating spicy food can make things worse. However, a carbonated drink or crackers (in a tolerable amount) can help with nausea and stomach problems.


Although reading and writing are known to make trips and travels more enjoyable as they make your time pass more quickly but for people who are motion sick it can turn out to be a bad idea. It’s best to avoid these so as to keep your eyes, ear and sensory nerves focused on travelling rather than confusing them more with another activity.

All of these can help prevent and minimize your problems relating to air, sea or in general, motion sickness. What is your very own motion sickness remedy that has proven to work in the most effective way? Bon Voyage!

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