6 Things Which Can Improve Skin Health

Skin is one of the largest organs of our body which adequately mirrors our lifestyle. And while winters leave our skin parched and dry, the onus lies upon us to keep it moisturized, healthy and beautiful. However, some major issues arise for the ones having overly sensitive skin prone to acne, breakouts, sun damages, irritation etc. Still, these reasons are not enough to keep you from having a smooth skin, want to know how?

The upper layer of our skin wears out and is replaced by fresh new cells regularly. In fact, we grow in 1000 new layers of skin throughout the life time. This leaves us with a plenty of chances to make it smooth, healthy and shining. And if you have already started on the path to achieve a beautiful skin, then these 6 things can benefit you to a great extent:

Skin Health

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Don’t trust expensive products blindly

Many women think that their skin would totally benefit if they include all expensive products in their beauty bucket. But reality is far from it. Each person has a different skin type which reacts exceptionally well to some products and not so beneficially to others. So, you need to consult a dermatologist to do a detailed research on your skin type and then take care of it accordingly. Lastly, nothing can be more beneficial than natural products which have absolutely no side effects. While with chemical ingredients, you can just hope they don’t!

SPF protection is not enough

Sun exposure leaves our skin looking worn out, old and dry. And while many amongst us realize this and try to protect it with sunscreens, it is not enough. No matter how high the SPF of your sunscreen is, some amount of damage is inevitable. So, make it a point to cover your skin with a soft cotton cloth and do not expose it uncovered to the harsh sun rays.

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Use anti aging creams


Most women wait to start with the anti aging procedure until they notice the crow’s feet. And if feels like you, then start with an anti aging routine right away! Experts claim that women who are in their twenties should start with the treatment of retinols. Retinols reverse any signs of aging and even repair the sun damage. Therefore, do not wait till the last minute and start fighting any signs of aging before it’s too late.

Avoid oil coagulation

All those of us who are blessed with an oily skin need to make some extra efforts to keep oil from coagulating your skin pores. And while we can take special care during the day, at nights we leave our skin vulnerable. Due to this, when we wake up in the morning, our face is oily and uncomfortable. To avoid this, apply an anti-oil cream before sleeping at night and keep your skin protected.

Go natural

Many might believe that their chemical products are made up of natural ingredients but in more than 90% of the cases, it’s not true. Citing natural ingredients have come up as a marketing strategy for many cosmetic companies who try to increase their sales by making such false claims. This leaves the onus upon you to find natural products and not fall for such imposters.

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Stay hydrated

Skin care experts can swear by it! If you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day then your skin would get rid of 80% ailments. And still if you would be ignorant enough to overlook this, then the lack of water is one of the biggest reasons behind dull skin. And so, if you had been wondering that despite all expensive treatments your skin does not look fresh and young enough, then the solution might lie in a glass of water.

You just need to be aware about the type of your skin and what suits it the best. And while many amongst us consider an appointment to dermatologist to be wastage of money, it can give you a reliable insight of your skin type and probable solutions. Another recommendation would be to go through the list of ingredients before buying a skin care product. You can also buy complete packages of reliable products like the Dermology skincare products and beauty Bath Soap which would spare you from an extra task of searching through different complementing beauty products.

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