7 Secrets for Proper Telomere Nourishment


We are now in the 21st century and with the help of advanced nutritional science, slowing the aging process no longer remains a fable—especially with the secrets of telomeres finally being unveiled. It has been said that with the right nutritional balance, humans can finally make a successful grasp for the Fountain of Inner and Outer Youth. Not entirely, but sciences have proven that nutrition has the power to not only slow down the aging process, but also to revolve the clock—thus, bringing back the youthful looking you. While a plethora of studies have been conducted, it all boils down to taking a close watch at telomeres.

What is a Telomere?

A telomere is existent to every human body—simply because it is a DNA’s sequential repetition at the very end of every chromosome. Every time a cell will undergo replication and division, the telomere will rise a few of its actual length. Sooner or later due to the frequent repetition of these cellular processes, the telomere will run out, thus, disabled to divide and regenerate. This would trigger a poor cellular health state that would lead to various diseases and eventually, cell death.

Now, let’s get to the main feature of this article—to help you find a solution to lengthen your telomeres, thus, leading you towards an extended lifespan. So, here are seven of the biggest secrets unraveled for your own benefit.

Vitamin D

First on the list would be vitamin D. Based on scientific studies, people with high levels of vitamin D within their systems actually have much longer telomeres—alas, slow aging.


Way back in 2009, studies have shown that longer telomeres are also associated with antioxidant formula usage. Authors have stated that telomeres are strongly vulnerable towards oxidative stress. The case gets worse when inflammation occurs, elevating oxidative stress; alleviating telomerase activity. Astaxanthin—the responsible enzyme for telomere maintenance—has come out to be a highly potent antioxidant that reduces inflammation and safeguarding human DNA.


Another proven theory about telomere lengthening is through the activation of the enzyme telomerase—by which omega 3 has the capability of doing so. According to previous studies, people with an omega 3 index of 8 percent age slower than those with an index lesser than 4 percent. One of the best omega 3 supplements would be krill.


If you have very little CoQ10 in your system, there are chances that you may undergo premature aging as a side effect—simply because this vitamin primarily recycles all of the antioxidants flowing in your blood stream. Ubiquinol is a health supplement that is rich in CoQ10 and with regular intake of it, you will definitely have enough of this “recycler” enzyme in your body. Additionally, CoQ10 can lessen the risk of heart problems.

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Did you know that processed foods are detrimental to your genes due to the chemicals they contain? Such foods can actually destroy the microflora in your intestinal area—and it actually happens to be the one that empowers your immune system. On the contrary, probiotics or fermented foods can strengthen the gut flora. When your immune system is at its best functionality, it has the capacity to obliterate free radicals thoroughly.


Folate plays a vital role towards DNA methylation and DNA integrity. These two can influence telomere length. Also, folate can help prevent heart related illnesses and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Vitamin B12

Last but not the least, vitamin B12, which is famous as an energy vitamin. This is required by the body for proper organ functionality. Some of the benefits it can bring upon would include blood formation, myelin formation, energy production and, of course DNA synthesis for telomerase production.

People may say that someday, we’re all going to die anyway. Well, you only live once; might as well live it with the longest span possible. With the help of the seven secrets set out above for proper telomere nourishment, you can definitely slow down aging with utmost efficiency.

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