8 Ways To Decrease Stomach Size

Are you one among the lost crowds of obese people, struggling for ways to get back into shape? Is your mental stability taken a hit due to your body structure? Do you feel awkward in front of people at workplace, gatherings and outings? Well, a number of people suffer with this extra fat on their stomach or belly like you, which also causes low self-esteem. You would also want a flat stomach, but have been going through difficult time getting so.

However, there are certain procedures that can help you in your goal: decreasing the stomach size. Include these simple routine tips in your daily routine and regain your perfect belly shape:-,

Decrease Stomach Size

No late night meal

First and most important thing that many people do is eating at late night hours will never do well for you, in fact, it affects your digestive system, coz, according to science, some organs are at their lowest metabolism state during nighttime and so it is considered as a very bad habit. It makes one prone to increasing tummy size. Do take your meal at night 2-3 hours prior to going to bed. Take a light dinner of 400 calories, which is rich in fiber, rather than fat, which is easy to digest.

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Have smaller meals throughout the day, rather than big meals at long intervals:

Five to six short, meals between gaps of 2-3 hours are perfect for you. Having eaten several small meals throughout the day, your food cravings and satiety will be satisfied while making your metabolism and digestion better.

Always avoid intake of high carbohydrate

Always look to eat that food, which contains proteins and fibers, rather than carbohydrate-rich food like rice, sugar. 3,500 calories of food equals one pound of body fat. Include fruit and vegetables in your diet to reduce your stomach size. Reduce daily calorie intake by 300 to 500 calories. Alcoholic drinks should be avoided at all costs, as they induce fat-belly at a higher rate. Take sugar alternatives such as fruits, fruit juices, and unrefined sugar. It will be hard at first, but making small changes every day will surely reap benefits. . Always look out for sugar-free, low-fat and low-calorie food products to include in your meal. Avoid junk food at all costs, how much you crave for it.

Exercise daily

Make it a routine habit, no matter what. Exercise daily for 30 to 45 minutes. Perform cardiovascular (cardio) exercise for at least five days a week. It Burns calories and fat, reduces body fat, improve metabolism and tones your muscle. Sit-ups and crunches are very effective in flattening and decreasing of your stomach muscle. In addition, do walking, swimming, cycling daily and participate in other sports at regular intervals.

Do not avoid Breakfast

Never ever avoid your breakfast. Many people are so much consumed in their busy life that they regularly skip their breakfast, which is a very bad habit. Have your breakfast consuming about 400 calories. Take a piece of toast with fruit jelly, scrambled eggs, and supplement that with a glass of juice or milk. The first meal after your breakfast should be taken after 2-3 hours’ worth of 200-250 calories. This might contain fruit, plain yogurt, servings of crackers or light healthy snacks.

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Drink lots of water daily

Make it a routine to drink water regularly at small intervals between meals. Water helps to energize the body, boosts your metabolism and flushes out toxins that cause more fat. One’s fluid intake is helps in suppressing of food cravings and makes the stomach feel satiated.

Small dessert intake at night

Eat a small desert of about 150 – 200 calories, after dinner. You can include cottage cheese, ice cream with fresh fruit, or a glass of chocolate milk in that.

Avoid stress

Higher the stress, higher the chances for gaining weight. Practice yoga, meditation and other relaxing activities that soothe your mind and heart. Sometimes stress causes food cravings, which also causes weight increase. Live in the now and do not worry in excess that might lead to stress.

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