Beauty Therapies Around The World

We are all suckers for that ‘new’ beauty tip and treatment. Despite what it costs, no matter what it looks like or how bizarre it gets, we will stop at nothing to get that flawless skin, shiny hair, sparkling teeth and that ‘wow’ feeling.

Beauty Therapies Around The World

So British beauty tips… We really don’t have many. Ok so we are the masters of ‘beauty salons’’ encouraging the fake tan, manicures and pedicures and the traditional old cucumber over the eyelids. Yet we neglect creativity and inventiveness, only clinging onto the next L’Oreal ‘anti-everything’ promise! Here I will take a look and introduce you to the broadened world of beauty… Bizarre granted, but intriguing.

Hot Stones and Light Waves

The Chinese are known for exquisite and rather luxurious practices, with beauty treatment as no exception. A Hot stone massage and Body Scrub, the initial idea of this is to facilitate blood circulation and polish the skin; a better circulation helps for a better and refreshing appearance. The hot stones are heated to a specific temperature and placed at certain places on the body, on joints and muscles or where there is any discomfort. The stones are then massaged by a professional to assist the bloody flow and remove dead skin; the result being a healthy and very much natural glow with no products.

hot stone

Ever wondered why Chinese woman have such good skin? Think now, never have you seen make up plastered onto their faces!? Well, Pulse Light Wave Therapy is used to erase any unattractive skin conditions. This therapy is in place so that blemishes and inequalities aren’t just covered by eliminated; this includes and sun damage, age spots and stressed or burst veins! The waves stimulate the skin, making the collagen more elastic therefore warding off wrinkles.

Saunas and Straightening

european bathroom finnish sauna

Fancy losing weight just sitting there? Sure you do! Well in Finland, almost every house is equipped with a Finnish Sauna, just a small room or hut heated at 70-100 degrees Celsius. The ‘hut’ has many hot stones places in the centre and whilst in there naked; water is poured over the stones to increase the humidity to around 20%. Usually spending from an hour to an hour and half in there after a shower, it decreases blood pressure; increases heart activity, washes away toxins and sheds the pounds! Compare this to going for that jog we promise our bodies every Monday morning… Finland has got it right.

Brazil is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world, and one astonishing beauty treatment that I know you would kill for is the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment. This product is a revolutionary hair straightening method that soothes, washes and conditions hair, last up to 6months! 6months of no straightening!? Yes please! The Keratin soothes the hair inside and out of the scalp, strengthening the hair and clinging to the cuticles. This is a treatment used in salons and is continuous, sort of like hair extensions, only better!

Glasses: Not Just for Seeing

mejikara anti wrinkle glasses

Now Japan is universally known for its wild and wonderful antics, and it really doesn’t falter with the beauty products. Mejikara Anti-Wrinkle Glasses are sort of ‘superhero’ shaped swimming goggles; designed to massage the face and keep features in their ‘proper’ positions erasing crow’s feet.

These therapies are somewhat tame and normal in comparison to a certain snake massage and the art of sticking snails on the face! Will they really stop at nothing to create the next ‘must have product’! No, they won’t.

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