Bosley Hair Transplant Procedure Review

Bosley Hair Transplant

During a hair transplant surgical procedure, hair follicles from the back and sides of the head, where hair is more plentiful, are removed. These follicles are then transplanted in areas where the hair is thinning. The result is hair that looks as natural as possible.

In addition to the need for expert surgical skills in the transplanting of hair follicles, a hair transplant doctor needs to be artistically talented in achieving a natural look by being aware of the different colors, textures and manner of hair growth of the client’s hair.

The Physicians who Work at Bosley Medical

There is a large group of experienced physicians working for Bosley Medical. They are located in large cities throughout the U.S. Those physicians who are hired are carefully selected to assure that they can follow the expert procedures that Dr. Bosley has developed. Coming from various surgery backgrounds, these doctors are well-trained in the techniques needed to perform hair transplants that are professional and natural looking. Many have affiliations with organizations such as The American Board of Dermatology, The American Board of Plastic Surgery and The American College of Surgeons.

The Reputation of Bosley Hair Transplants

Bosley Medical is a large hair restoration clinic with offices in many large U.S. cities. They have served many satisfied customers. The clinic encourages potential customers to talk to others who have had hair restoration, and they are happy to invite people to visit the clinics and talk personally to the doctors. Since this procedure is a surgical one, there is the possibility of problems and dissatisfaction. Scarring may happen, a somewhat unnatural looking area may occur, or an infection may develop. For the most part, clients are pleased with the results, and their stories may be found in forums on the Internet. Some cases of dissatisfaction are due to unrealistic expectations – hair transplants will not restore your style back to the way it was in years past.

Bosley Hair Transplants for Women

 Bosley Medical clinics are happy to provide hair transplants for women. Hair loss can be devastating to women. Ken Washenik, M.D., a medical director at Bosley says, “About fifteen percent of women experience some degree of noticeable hair loss, beginning at age 30.” Bosley uses some newly developed techniques to help restore the thinning hair of women. Women should do research and talk at length to a physician so she will understand what results to expect. Bosley doctors are sensitive to the unique concerns of hair transplants for women.

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The Cost of a Bosley Hair Transplant

The Bosley clinic offers perspective customers an introductory kit of a $250 gift certificate for a transplant, a guidebook, medical report and an informative DVD. It’s very difficult to give an estimate over the phone or online, so a consultation is advised. Factors that determine cost are: how much hair loss you have; how much hair you have to donate; the type of hair you have; and the final result you desire. The number of grafts of hair follicles determines the cost. Reasonable financing options are available. The cost can be expensive, but it is a good investment as hair transplants will last a lifetime.

Bosley Standard of Care

Bosley Medical has provided clients with expert hair transplants since 1974. Doctors at these medical facilities have performed 200,000 hair transplants. Their facilities and surgery techniques are kept up-to-date. All doctors in the system are experienced and well-trained to offer patients the best in pre-surgery consultation, surgical expertise and post-surgery care.

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