Breast Fat Necrosis Symptoms , Causes And Its Treatment

So what exactly does it mean when people talks about Fat Necrosis of the breast? It may seems difficult to understand for a start but if someone is willing to explain to you clearly and well, it may not be seem hard to learn that it is actually a benign breast lump that forms when a certain area of a woman’s fatty breast tissue has been damaged. The term benign means non-cancerous hence will not risk a woman from developing cancer in the breast. However, you may experience breast pain. And if you think that this will only affect women that are old age (60 years old and above), you are terribly wrong as such condition can affect woman of any age. The health condition may also be referred in many different terms out there e.g. Breast Fat Nerosis, Liponecrosis Microcystica Calcificata, Membranous Fat Necrosis, or Posttraumatic Pseudolipoma.

To visualize how it looks like you need to understand what is a breast made up of. Woman’s breasts are actually made up of glands (milk-producing) and tubes carrying milk to the breast nipples. The glands and tubes are surrounded by fatty tissues and that is where the lump can be formed and resulted in Fat Necrosis.

Breast Fat Necrosis


Woman who suffers from this condition may feel a hard lump at the area of the breast where the fat necrosis is located. Sometimes, it may be experienced like a section of thick skin too. The tissues near it will become painful as well. Nearest to the region that is bruised, you may observe some form of drainage flowing from the nipple. At certain times, your nipples will seem like growing inward or inverted. The breast skin above the affected area may dimple.


So what exactly could have caused it? Well, a lot of factors could be possible. Injury or any form of bruise to the breast is definitely one of them. What exactly happen is, whenever there is an injury, the fatty tissues will be injured or become dead as a result. As time goes by, these tissues will slowly convert into scar tissue or in certain cases, they will be collected as liquid as part of the oil cyst.

Other factors would be radiotherapy treatment or any previous surgery (e.g. needle or surgical biopsy or reconstruction) done to the breast could have resulted in the lump too. This is because the fatty tissues in the breast could have broken down due to surgery. Fat Necrosis can be formed when substances like silicone or paraffin are injected into the woman breasts.


Warm Compresses

Different cases of breast Fat Necrosis are treated differently hence the treatments to treat them will vary. If the lump has been discovered earlier, you can easily use something called “warm compresses” to help in subsiding it. If it is causing pain, do not panic or worry at all. Simply get some aspirin or ibuprofen from your nearby health care counter to ease it. Otherwise, you may seek help from your heath care provider so that he can prescribe some medication for you.

If the Fat Necrosis lump is large in size which is causing discomfort to you and affecting your quality of life, you may seek help to remove it using lumpectomy. A lumpectomy is a surgical operation that involves the removal of the breast tumor or lump and its surrounding tissues. It is also a form of “breast-conserving” surgery.

Do not wait until your condition become serious and start looking for your health care provider. Book an appointment immediately with your doctor once any of the symptoms can be observed.

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