Foods And Exercise That Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Foods that help prevent ED

Men are the exact opposites of women. They like to keep things to themselves. They easily get bored with gossip and they would much rather talk about the news or sports than waste time over nonsensical chatter. That is how nature designed them to be. Which is why when it comes to sexual issues, theirs get addressed last or not at all. While women freely talk about their sex lives over lunch, men, on the other hand, spend their days musing over what went wrong and what could have been. They would rather suffer the consequences than disclose shameful information about their sex life. And because they strive for independence, gleaning sexual information from them most especially issues involving erectile dysfunction is nearly impossible.

For the males who cower at the thought of waiting in queue at the doctor’s clinic to have their package checked this article is for you. Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition men suffer from. Because most men consider it a taboo to talk about their sexual inadequacies they grudgingly allow erectile dysfunction to rule over their lives. This is what we’re here for. We aim to remedy erectile issues without forcing the males to book an appointment with the doctors. This article will talk about the foods and exercises that can help prevent erectile dysfunction. So you can try it at home, in the safety confines of your own house without anyone judging you or mocking you for doing so. This is our little secret and I hope it reaches all the men from the farthest corners of the earth who are currently battling with erectile dysfunction.

Big, chunky watermelons

Slices of watermelon at the fruit bar don’t just leave a sweet taste on your mouth it also leaves you smiling while you’re getting it on. Research shows that watermelon helps protect males from erectile dysfunction because of its citrulline content. Blood flow to the penis is needed for erection to take place, citrulline in watermelons helps relax and dilate blood vessels that lead to the penis causing blood to freely flow and fill in the vessels in and around the penile area leading to erection.

Foods containing Zinc

Turkey, peanuts, whole grain products, lamb, salmon, cheese, milk, chicken, beef and yogurt all contain zinc. When you plan on doing groceries this weekend don’t forget to fill your carts with these erectile dysfunction fighting goodies. Studies show that men who have erectile dysfunction have low levels of zinc in their bodies. To replenish zinc one has to consume foods loaded with it. Aside from treating ED zinc also boosts the production of testosterone and it improves sperm mobility.


Eating papaya is effective in treating and preventing erectile dysfunction because it contains high amounts of arginine. Arginine plays a role in boosting nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide helps relax smooth muscles that surround the blood vessels supplying the penis. When nothing obstructs these blood vessels, they can freely dilate and increase blood flow to the penis causing erection.

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Worried that she’ll get turned off by your garlicky breath? Don’t be. If you have ED then having bad breath should be the least of your worries because as it turns out garlic helps in treating ED. Researchers from the University of Alabama discovered the hydrogen sulfide boosting effects of garlic. This creates a series of events that lead to the relaxation of blood vessels and arteries in the penis. Aside from that garlic also contains allicin, a compound known to stimulate blood flow. Blood flow to the penis is necessary to initiate an erection.

Exercises that help prevent Erectile Dysfunction

 Do pelvic floor exercises

Substantial evidence suggests that performing pelvic floor exercises effectively helps men achieve an erection. A study done in the University of West of England, Bristol also says that exercises not only helps men with erectile problems it also addresses premature ejaculation issues.

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Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises such as swimming, running and walking have all been shown to prevent erectile dysfunction. Of course this has to be done with regularity. Also avoid performing exercise routines that put too much pressure on the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum) as these can affect the blood vessels and nerves that supply the penis and can cause ED.

These tips mentioned here all help prevent erectile dysfunction. Study them and apply it to your daily life and after a week or so you’ll see the results.

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