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Freckles are small discolored markings that are very common on people with light colored skin. Freckles can be caused by many things, such as exposure to the sun, but they are typically harmless. There are a few cases where freckles can be a health risk and should be removed, but checks can be performed by a doctor to determine whether or not this is necessary. Symptoms also differ among people with freckles. Some are small and flat while others may be wide and slightly raised. There are methods for preventing the development of freckles and also treating existing freckles. Know the freckles structure and what should be done about them to ensure that no major health concerns go unnoticed which is briefly described.

What Causes Freckles to Form?

Freckles picture

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Many freckles will be mistaken for another type of growth. This can cause unnecessary alarm. People need to know exactly what causes this condition. The most common cause of freckles is sun exposure. Many people with very light skin cannot absorb the sun’s rays in the same way that other people can. Instead, freckles will form in random places over time. This is why freckles usually occur on the face and shoulders. When sun rays are absorbed by light skin they will cause an increase in melanin. Melanin is a dark pigment that is usually lacking in the skin of pale people. When this pigment is increased it will not spread evenly across the body as it would for many other people. Instead it collects in the spots we know as freckles.

The Symptoms of Freckles

Most freckles are flat and tan in color. They can range in size from a pin head to the flat side of a nail. Freckles are almost always darker in color than the rest of the skin. Most people will develop freckles that are similar in color no matter where they develop on the body. However, some rarer cases see people with freckles of many different colors even when they collect in the same area of the body. This is unusual, but it does happen. Freckles usually range in color from black to brown to red. In some rare cases, skin cancer can be related to freckles. Cancer can be masked by the freckle itself and should be treated by a doctor. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about the development of skin cancer, but rest assured that most freckles are completely harmless.

Preventing The Development of Freckles

Since freckles are caused by exposure to the sun, it is obvious where prevention should begin. It can be a real nuisance for light skin peopled to have to worry so much about their bodies when under the sun, but preventing freckles is a lifelong process.


Sunscream for Freckles

Use plenty of sunscreen when spending time outdoors. This will reduce the effect of the sun on melanin levels in the skin. When melanin levels are kept under control then freckles are unable to form.

Cover up

You can also wear a wide brimmed hat to protect skin from over exposure. Also, try wearing a long sleeved shirt.


There are plenty of doctor prescribed creams and medications designed to protect light colored skin from sun damage. Such creams are safe and easy to use.

Treating Freckles After They Form

Many light skinned people already have freckles from some past sun exposure. Here are a few methods of treating and removing freckles that have already formed.


This may seem like a frightening option, but bleaching creams do exists for the removal of pre-existing freckles. Avoid sun exposure when using such creams for the best results.


Cryosurgery For Freckles

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There are surgical procedures designed to remove freckles, warts and moles. Cryosurgery involves freezing the freckles in order to eliminate their presence.

Laser surgery

Technological advancements have led to the use of lasers for many medical procedures. Lasers can be used to lighten the color of freckles without completely removing them. This is a good option for people who do not wish to undergo the more permanent cryosurgical procedure.

Living With Freckles

Freckles can form for many reasons and are mostly harmless. Heredity can even be a factor for freckle development. Regardless of why they form, all freckles should be inspected by a doctor at least once to ensure that there are no medical issues related to them. Skin cancer is a very serious and fairly common condition these days, so be sure to treat your body with care and attention. Talk to your doctor today if you have any concerns about your freckles. You may be saving your life in the process.

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