Guidelines To Treat Prostate Cancer Disorder Effectively

Studies show that about 33% males suffer from the prostate cancer every year. It is usually observed among males in the age group 60 years and above. The prostate gland is as small as a walnut. Its main function is to produce thick fluid, which is used to nourish sperms. Besides this, it helps in the ejaculation of the sperms too.

You will not be able to notice any warning signs at the early stage of the cancer. You might experience-

• Bit difficulty in starting or stopping urine.

• Need to urinate during the night.

• Interrupted stream of urine

• Appearance of blood in semen

• Leakage of urine while coughing.

How to diagnose the disease?

Doctors will perform certain tests to detect the prostate cancer in your body. Initially, they will perform specific antigen blood tests and rectal exam to detect the disease. During the tests, a PSA protein is elevated in the blood of the patients suffering from it.

Once the disease is diagnosed, the doctor will bring the best treatment option for you. It is not necessary that the method of treating two different individuals is same. The treatment for the disease depends on several following factors-

• Lifestyle of the patient

• Age

• severity of the cancer

How to treat the disease at initial stage?

Prostate Cancer

It is advisable to treat it at an early stage when the cancer is within the prostate gland. At this stage, the disease is easily curable. Two active methods to cure it at early stage include radiation and surgery. As the disease spreads to different tissues, the method of treatment becomes more complex. At this stage, hormone therapy is an efficient curable method designed for old men.

To deal with the disease, you need to face it. It is advisable to take action at an early stage to deal with the effects of cancer.

To get started, you could consider the following points-

• You could talk to the other patients and their families regarding the proper cure for this cancer.

• Ask your doctor or healthcare provider to explain you every term related to the disease. Ensure that the medical team you have appointed is always available to help you.

Various herbal methods have been introduced to heal the disease. Some of them include-

• Lycopene

• Selenium

• Zinc

• Saw palmetto

It is advisable to consume food stuffs that have high concentration if lycopene. It is useful in making the prostate gland healthier. It has been scientifically proved that antioxidants present in it have reduced the growth of the disease.

You could consume cooked tomatoes and their products instead of tomato juices and raw tomato. The cell wall of these cooked tomatoes breaks down and as a result, the more lycopene Is released. Other sources of lycopene include pink grapefruits, guava and watermelons.

You might be at risk of cancer if your body contains low levels of zinc. Hence, it is recommended to consume food products having good amount of zinc content like pumpkin seeds, whole oatmeal, sunflower seeds, lamb chops, wheat germs and so on.

Selenium is another important mineral of the gland. Food rich in this mineral includes shellfish, chicken, garlic and grains.

Life after the cancer

Once you have cured the cancer, it is advisable to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You could consume a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, omega three fatty acids, soybean, vitamin D and so on. Ensure that your diet includes high content of protein. It helps in repairing and rebuilding the damaged tissues. A body requires about 0.5 to 0.6 grams of proteins per day.

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