Gynecomastia Symptoms, Causes, Medicines and Surgery

Gynecomastia is a medical term, which might be new to your ears, but it is a very common ailment amongst men. This ailment basically victimizes newborns and adolescents. In rare cases, it can also affect individuals during the later stages of their lives.

If you go by its name, it may sound more like a deadly disease, but in reality it is a very mild ailment. Normally this disorder goes away on its own without any kind of treatments, but in some cases the infected person may require a little medication. However in some other cases, the patient might require to undergo a small surgery to completely get rid of it.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Symptoms

Enlargement of tissues in the breast gland along with a little tenderness is one of the main symptoms of this ailment.

If you notice any of the following things, you should consult a doctor immediately:

• Nipple swelling

• nipple discharge

• pain in the breasts

• tenderness in breasts

Causes of Gynecomastia

This ailment is basically caused due to the drop in the levels of the hormones called testosterone, and also due to the gradual increase in the counts of estrogen. The lowering of the levels of testosterone in a human body automatically causes the levels of estrogen to increase. You might find it interesting that around 50% of men are born having enlarged breasts. This is due to the higher levels of estrogen in their mother’s body. Usually the enlarged breasts during birth get back to normal in about a month’s time.

Young boys who are going through their puberty tend to get this ailment due to the changes in their hormones. In fully grown men, this condition can occur anywhere between the age group of 50 and 80. Around twenty five percent of men tend to suffer from this illness.

In many cases men themselves invite Gynecomastia. One of the most common causes from becoming a victim of this disorder is because of following an unhealthy lifestyle.

Some of the examples are:

• Consumption of antidepressants on a regular basis

• Taking medications for HIV

• Regular intake of alcohol and tobacco

• Smoking marijuana

• And many other unhealthy lifestyle practices

Helpful Medicines and Surgery

Tamoxifene for Gynecomastia

In most of the cases, Gynecomastia gets cured on its own, where medical intervention will not be necessary. However, in other cases, the individuals will need to undergo medication to get fully cured. Drugs like tamoxifen were specially manufactured to help men fight breast related issues. It has also been helping patients in getting rid of breast cancer. Bodybuilders too use it, as the medicine helps in keep the levels of estrogen really low, but it is not considered as the performance enhancing drug.

In a very few instances, where this ailment doesn’t get cured with medication, doctors suggest the patient to go through the surgery. It is a very simple surgery, which is pretty similar to liposuction. Usually, the doctors use a suction tube to remove excess fat and tissues. If the condition of the patient is pretty serious, then the surgeons might chose to go with the removal of the gland completely. As the first option, medical practitioners always try to just remove the tissues, and not the whole gland.

Emotional and psychological support

Men who suffer from Gynecomastia need a lot of emotional support, as it is not easy for them to live with woman like breasts. In case of kids, it is always suggested to go for a counseling sessions, as it will help them overcome the emotional stresses caused due to this ailment. Many a times, people might make fun of them, either at school, office or even in their neighborhoods. It is very important to help them emotionally, and to be around them whenever they need support. Another way of coping up with this problem is by getting in touch with those people who are already facing this issue. They will have some valuable advice for those who are unable to handle emotional stress and trauma.

We see that unlike its name, Gynecomastia is a pretty harmless ailment and can be cured by simple medication. Only in some worst cases, they will need surgery, which again is quite inexpensive. If you or your loved ones are the one of those suffering from this problem, then you know that there is nothing to worry about. Just consult a physician.

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