How A Juice Extractor Can Lead To A Healthier Lifestyle

Juice Extractor
Juicing for health is becoming more and more popular these days. Even celebrities promote the benefits of raw juices to maintain their health and youth. You’ve probably seen a Jack Lalanne or a Juiceman in the infomercials. They’ve become some of the most famous and in demand machines in the world. Efficient at breaking down the hardest fruits and vegetables you can find. You also see them in the kitchen appliance section in the major department stores.

Our modern diet is full of salt, sugar, and food additives that lead to a lot of health problems. Pasteurized dairy is stripped of nutrients and forms mucus. A lot of the bread and pasta we eat are full of gluten which is a protein that acts as a glue to give foods their texture. For some people, gluten prevents the body from absorbing nutrients and often leads to hair loss among other issues. Research shows a diet high in processed foods is linked to a number of health conditions including obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Eliminating toxic foods is essential to good health

My Wake Up Call

My teen years were full of junk foods. Cakes, ice cream, and all the snack foods with little exercise. Fruits and vegetables weren’t a big deal in my house. Then my early twenties was a wake up call when severe nausea came over. A short hospital stay with high blood pressure and an irregular heart beat forced me to make better food choices.

Interesting Search Online

The world of YouTube was the best place to find helpful info on juicing. I’ve seen so many amazing juice videos of people using all types of machines and creating healthy drinks. Discovering fruits and vegetables I’ve never heard opened my eyes to the variety of healthy foods to use.

Healthy Effects On Our System

I gained great results from using it daily:

  • restful sleep
  • healthy hair, skin, nails
  • better concentration
  • healthy weight loss
  • more energy

I think of the process like using shampoo to cleanse your hair. Just like shampoo, fresh juices gently cleanse our system of debris and toxic build up. Leaving the body nourished with nutrients to help you function at your very best. They’re easily digestible to the stomach because a juice extractor efficiently breaks down those hard fibrous skins and expose the nutrients. Now the stomach can easily digest it in less time than we normally would chewing.

The thought of drinking vegetable juice might not sound appealing but they’re highly nutritious and delicious with a couple of fruits mixed in. An apple or two gives it the right amount of sweetness. The kids can eat their vegetables without complaining about taste.

Add your favorite food supplement powders or oils for added nutrition. Flax seed or omega fish oils support a healthy cardiovascular system. I juice a lot of dark leafy greens like kale and dandelion greens with apples. Other times I’ll do a delicious fruit drink with apples, pomegranates, and a slice of lemon.

The whole experience has been very positive for me so far.

Main Types Of Juicers

Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages, but the type you select should depend on what your needs are.


Most blenders are not specifically designed to only make juices, but excellent at fruit and vegetables smoothies. One difference is that a blender doesn’t strain anything out, so everything gets juiced including the skins and seeds.


Manual juicers like a citrus and wheat grass requires you to use your hands to produce results.


This one uses a fast past shredding disk to grind foods down. Purchasing a centrifugal is convenient if you’re just getting started and need a easy to operate machine that doesn’t cost a fortune. The first one I used was a Jack Lalanne machine and the second one was a Black and Decker brand.

Single augers

Single augers (masticating) use a screw like device to press juices out a much slower pace than a centrifugal.

Twin gears

Twin gear (triturating) machine is an upgrade from a single auger. This has two screw like devices and operates the slowest. The most nutritious juices are made from twin gears since they preserve the most nutrients.

Choosing The Best One


Finding an extractor within your price range is very simple. Centrifugals, blenders, and manual juicers vary in price but tend to be less expensive, usually under $200. Masticating and twin gears offer healthier juice with additional features which makes them sell at higher prices, usually $200 and up.

Multiple features

Are you looking for additional features? Single augers and twin gears are also designed to make frozen desserts, baby foods, nut butters, spice grinder, and much more.


Speed determines how fast you get juice and their nutritional content, and an important feature to consider. If having a fast paced lifestyle requires you to get nutrition as quickly as possible, I recommend a centrifugal or blender. The only issue is their quality of juice. Since they spin so fast, air gets whipped into the juice causing it to lose some nutrients through oxidation. The same way you bite an apple and watch the insides turn brown from exposure to air. Slower paced ones don’t oxidize nutrients as much and better for storing in the refrigerator.

Noise level

Most centrifugals and blenders tend to have the loudest motors because of their high speed. A single auger or twin gear have a smooth and quiet sound that reflects the low speeds that they run on.

Warranty period

A warranty guarantees the manufacturer will fix or replace a broken machine within that time period. Some warranties go for as little as a year or two. If you’re looking to juice for a long time, look for one that has a 5, 10, or 15 year warranty.

Adding a juice extractor to the house can be one of the most beneficial tools to improve your health. The choice to make delicious fruits and vegetable combinations should empower you to use it daily.

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