How Effective Is The Valerian Root In Solving Sleep Disorders & insomnia?

Valerian root is one of the many calming herbs one can use when suffering from insomnia, anxiety or even high blood pressure. Valerian root grows in South America, Asia, and Europe. Researchers are yet to explain in details the reasons why Valerian root works efficiently to solve sleep disorders. However, they have been able to point out that the Valerian root increases the levels of a chemical in the brain called gamma amino butyric acid which helps the body to calm down. Some research suggests that Valerian root is preferred over medical prescription due to its safety and gentleness to the body.

Is the Valerian Root Effective?

The National Institutes of Health points out that Valerian Root was taken for medicinal purposes during the Roman times and the ancient Greek. It was later used in the 2nd, 16th and 19th to help in solving sleep problems, heart palpitations as well as nervous disorders. The Valerian Root was used to treat soldiers with air raid stress problems during the Second World War, and it was effective.

According to a scientific research conducted by the National Institutes of Health to rate the effectiveness of Valerian Root as a remedy for sleep problem, results showed that there was a significant improvement in the time the subjects took to get to sleep, the quality of sleep and the number of times one had to awake during the night. In this study, 128 subject volunteers were given extracts of three calming herbs namely Valerian root, Placebo, and hops which they took randomly for three nights. The questionnaires the subjects filled proved that Valerian Root was much more effective in solving their sleep disorders than the other two samples.

Another study to test the long-term effect of Valerian Root on Insomnia was conducted on 121 subjects who had a record of nonorganic sleep disorder. The participants were given 600mg of dried Valerian Root and Placebo. The two samples were prepared in the required commercial standards. Assessment tests were taken to analyze how efficient and consistent the interventions were, questionnaires on the effectiveness of the treatment difference in patterns of sleep and the quality of sleep. On the 28th day, the participants taking the Valerian Root recorded a significant reduction in sleep disorder symptoms compared to the ones taking Placebo. The drastic difference between the two herbs was noticed between day 14 and day 28. This is to prove that the Valerian Root is confirmed effective long-term insomnia treatment.

Most of the scientific and, or clinical studies have shown that he Valerian Root aids in resolving sleep problems by reducing the time it takes for one to fall asleep and improving the quality of sleep. It has fewer side effects, and it is less likely to cause morning drowsiness. A research carried out in Sweden by Foellinge Health Center shows a significant sleep improvement as a result of taking the Valerian Root extracts. 44 percent of the participants recorded that they slept perfectly while 89 percent of them said that their sleep improved drastically.

According to report recorded by science direct, Valerian Root does not help treat sleep disorders of the elderly. During this research, 16 old women of the average age of 69.4 ± 8.1 years were given 300gm of Placebo, and Valerian Root extracts half an hour before going to sleep for two weeks. They used self-report to assess the results in the laboratory. The report showed that there was no any big difference between Placebo and Valerian in either the time they took to fall asleep, the amount of time they were awake during the night, self-measured quality of sleep and their sleep efficiency. After the failure of Valeria to help solve insomnia problem with the elderly, the study concluded that it did not support Valeria to be used as a clinical remedy to sleep problems.

Other calming herbs that can be used to treat insomnia include:


This is a herb that has been used for generations to cure sleep disorders, irritability, especially in children and restlessness. It is a herb that can be safely used by both adults and children. Chamomile herb is taken in the form of tea in Mexico, South America, and Europe.


This is a soft tonic used to strengthen the nervous system. It is advisable to pour a few drops of lavender oil a bath before bedtime for someone having sleep problems.

Therefore, according to the above facts, Valerian Root is one of the most effective calming herbs used to solve sleep problems.

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