How To Choose An Addiction Recovery Clinic

Making the choice to seek help for an addiction is a huge step toward recovering, but getting treatment does not always equal success. No one is going to pretend that rehab is easy, but it is possible to heal.

Finding the right addiction recovery clinic is crucial to one’s progress, and it is important to consider oneself and the facility before making a commitment – feel free to use the following top 10 checklist to assist you:

Addiction Recovery Clinic

Consider Goals

The decision to alter harmful behavior is important, but one should consider other objectives aside from controlling an addiction. This could involve stopping destructive behaviors, finding employment after rehab, developing positive self esteem or more.

Knowing what one wants to achieve before treatment helps one find a compatible facility, and the facility can make arrangements geared to one’s goals.


Research potential treatment centers. Start with the basics to ensure potential choices are accredited, licensed and have a satisfactory ratio of staff to clients. One should be able to receive up to date care in a clean, hospitable environment.


Further investigate the qualifications of the staff, and ask the capabilities the staff possesses. Most facilities will have some doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, nurses and more.

Every case is different, but they should have some experience treating clients with similar addictions to one’s own.


Money is a consideration but should not be a top priority. Insurance may cover a portion of the costs, and sliding scales are available at many facilities. Try consulting one’s top choices first to see if negotiations are possible.

Those who struggle to afford rehab can seek free care. These facilities cannot always offer the best resources but can still successfully offer treatment.

Type Of Facility

Consider outpatient or inpatient care. Inpatient care helps clients avoid temptation, but one may have full time responsibilities or feel more at ease with an outpatient center.


Tour the recovery centers when narrowing down choices. One can get a feel for the environment and meet some of the staff. Consider whether the facility feels comfortable and how clients and staff interact between themselves and with each other.


Ask the staff their success rate. Every facility should have these percentages because it is how treatment centers attract patients and receive funding. These documents could include findings about patient satisfaction, but one may be able to find reviews online.

Including Family

Some rehab centers focus solely on an individual while others involve family. Having the support of family can make the process easier and may be necessary even if it is difficult. A facility should have a well reasoned answer for either method.

Therapy and Activities

Centers use many techniques like group therapy, spiritual exercises or holistic practices. Consider treatment options and other activities. Some centers may offer art projects, gym equipment, entertainment centers and more.

Think about therapy options and hobbies or interests that may be soothing to find a center that is suitable.

Individual Circumstances

Think about any special concerns one has. Some facilities may have group suites, use medication or last a certain length. Address any unique needs to make sure the program can make accommodations.

Discussing preferences, phobias, medical history and dietary concerns before entering the facility means everything will run smoothly later.

Putting It All Together

Overcoming addiction is a huge challenge and cannot be rushed. That is why it is important to select a compatible rehab center. Making decisions based on oneself and the center helps anyone select a facility that will promote success.

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