How To Prepare For Your Confinement Period

Women typically Chinese women need to go through a confinement period just after the birth of their babies. This is designed to help the new mother regenerate after the birth to make it easier to cope with a newborn in the house. It also offers the perfect time for the new mother and baby to bond with each other. During this time, Confinement Nannies help the new mother so she can rest. The Confinement Nannies do the cooking and prepare healthy meals using rich herbs to aid with the rejuvenation.

How Long Does Confinement Last

This period lasts for a month. These weeks will make it possible for the mother to get used to a life with her newborn and tend to its every need, no matter what time of day or night that is. This also makes it possible to avoid worrying about anything else so the focus is on healing from the labour and birth.

What Items Do You Need?

Confinement Period

There are some items that you should stock up on before your confinement period starts. These items will not only help you rest but also make you more comfortable shortly after the birth of your baby.

Disposable panties are worth investing in. The benefit is that you do not need to worry about washing them and trying to remove the blood that becomes soaked into them after giving birth. Disposable panties are designed to be thrown away right afterwards. There are many different types of products around but cotton ones are beneficial as they are soft on the sensitive skin and more hygienic.

Medical pads help to add comfort while sitting and sleeping. You place them on the bed and lay on top of them. The pads will soak up any excess blood, leaking milk and sweat. This avoids the items from getting into the sheets and the mattress, which is more hygienic. The pads are then disposed off after the confinement period.

Hygiene products are essential and it is worth looking into the types that use herbs to promote relaxation and healing. Mixed herbs are available over the counter and work well when added to hot water to help promote the digestive system to avoid gas and wind and to cleanse the skin. They also help with the healing process, especially if you had to have surgery or stitches.

Herbs for babies are also important. These are placed into the baby’s bath and help with calming babies down and protecting the sensitive skin. Like feminine hygiene herbs, these come in sachets.

The digestive system takes time to recover after pregnancy and you can help that by purchasing loose clothing. Long sleeved stops and sarungs offer the ability to breathe, sit comfortably and prevent gas building up, causing wind.

A Malay massage is highly recommended during the confinement period to help with rejuvenation. There are two items that you will need for this: an abdominal binder and a selection of massage oils. Select the scents that appeal to you most to boost your happiness.

Stock Up on Foods to Help

While the Confinement Nannies do all the cooking to help you, there are some foods that you should stock up on to help. These are healthy options and aid the body in different ways.

As a daily drink, you should have Wolfberries, red and black dates, dried pilose asiabelle roots and dried longan mixed together. The Confinement Nannies will know about this so just make sure you stock up on everything before the birth of your baby. Benedictine D.O.M Liqueur is another great option for before sleep every night and for cooking.

Rice wine, hard liqueur, like brandy, sesame oil, black vinegar, Chinese angelica and ginger wine are perfect for cooking and help with the healing and regeneration process.

12 boxes of So Hup Pills and then 6 boxes of Bak Foong Pills – taking one pill per day over an 18 day period, will help with getting rid of any trapped wind and to rejuvenate. Wu Jin Pills are also important to help with improving the blood circulation to help avoid swollen legs, hands and face and to cut down the risk of blood clots.

To also help with blood circulation, it is worth purchasing Sheng Hua Soup. You should find that one to two packs of this soup will be enough to improve your circulation and avoid the risk of blood clots.

Every woman wants something to snack on during the day but it is important to opt for something healthy. Cream crackers with an Ovaltine chocolate drink are recommended to help with the 11am and 3pm snacks. Milo is something that is not considered to help as it has been linked to large amounts of phlegm.

This list provided in the article is not exhaustive and will help you during your confinement period. Take the time to check everything so that you are ready for your one month of rest. By the end of it, you will start to feel as you were before and ready for your life with your baby and husband.

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