Ovarian Cancer Picture, Detection, Symptoms, Treatment

Cancer has turned out to be the most deadly disease of this century. Among women, the ovarian cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancers. In this kind of cancer the malignant cells are developed within a period of time in the ovaries. The rate of death is quite alarming in this ailment. It has been found that in the USA alone more than 15,500 women have died due to this cancer and about 22, 280 cases have been reported. This data is based on the report published by the Cancer Society of the America during the year 2012.

The disease of Cancer has got many different types. Symptoms for various kinds of cancer can be detected during its early stages with the help of screening and also by noticing abnormal nodes and swelling. However, it is very difficult to catch the symptoms of ovarian cancer during its early stage of evolution. Therefore, this disease has turned into a “Silent Killer” for women in many parts of the world.

Ovarian Cancer

Although it is not totally impossible to detect this type of cancer, there are a number of reasons due to which doctors often fail to detect it during the early stages. Actually, so far the medical science has not been able to discover any potential screening method, so that this malignant disease can be detected earlier. Another reason is that ovaries are usually located deep inside the abdominal cavity. Doctors often get confused due to various mixed symptoms and fail to notice the existence of this cancer. It is really very difficult for doctors to notice any kind of unusual nodes in the ovaries with the help of existing diagnostic tools.

Following are few common signals, which alert the doctor that the patient must have developed ovarian cancer:

• Back pain

• Pelvic pain

• Trouble with eating

• Bloating

• Stomach upset

• Patient experiences severe pain while having sexual intercourse

Since most of these symptoms are quite common and are also related to other ailments, the patient may never realize that she is having a serious illness. Also, most of the medical professionals and researchers often fail to notice the disease in the initial stages.

The initial stages of the ovarian cancer usually start with the outer portion of the ovaries. Finally, it grows into an epithelial tumor. According to various researches done on this disease, different kinds of tumor may develop based on the place where the cancer really starts. Therefore, doctors need a very precise kind of tool to observe and detect this kind of cancer during its initial stage.

Cancer cells usually do not die. Healthy cancer cells keep replacing the old dead cells. As a result the cancerous cells turn into a tumor. This is the reason the tumor caused due to ovarian cancer destructs the body vigorously. They destroy various parts of the body silently without giving any notice.

Most of the time, the disease is detected during the advanced stage and the doctors cannot really help their patients.

Ovarian cancer has mild symptoms and hence very few cases can be detected during its early stage. In most of the cases, the disease is detected when it would have already spread to 75% of the body. Usually, the patient dies within five years, but shockingly the disease is identified only few months before their death.

If a woman experiences any of the above symptoms, they must immediately consult their doctor. With the help of blood test and by examining the pelvic area the experienced doctors can detect it during early stage. If the disease is identified early then there are 90 % chances of survival.

There are three primary ways of treating ovarian cancer, all of which depends on the stage of the cancer. Other factors may include the physical condition of the patient and the Histology of the cells. Removal of the affected ovary surgically is one way of treatment. The surgeon would decide whether to remove the ovary, or the malignant tissues within. Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment are other affective methods of treating this cancer.

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