Prepare For Tummy Tuck Before And After Surgery

If you are having abdominal work done, there are some steps you can take weeks in advance to get ready.  There are so many advances in technology, which has changed the way our doctors can operate.  We now have less invasive surgeries and heal much faster!  But you can further help your process along and follow some basic steps a before you procedure.

Before Your Abdomen Surgery

1. Make sure to abstain from tobacco for up to 6 weeks before hand, and after the surgery.  This is done in an effort to keep your healing process move along faster.  The chemicals in your cigarettes and other forms of tobacco can prevent your scars from healing!  Make sure that you heal properly, without scaring that will be noticeable for a lifetime!

2. If possible, abstain from using Aspirin and related products.  Ibuprofen, Naprosyn, and Vitamin E tablets, Ginko Bilolba, Ephendra and other herbs should also be stopped.  They again, complicate abdominal surgeries.  If you are concerned about pain relief, Acetaminophen can be taken at any time.  However, the ingredients in the afore-mentioned products include blood thinning ingredients.  Consult with your doctor about any other medications you may be taking, these can interfere with the surgery, anesthetics, and recovery.  Ensure you review all herbal solutions you use as well.

3. Remember to not eat or drink anything after midnight, on the night leading up to your surgery.  If you have questions with this, you may consult with the anesthesiologist for details. 

4. Lastly, ensure you have everything ready at home for after your surgery.  You will want to ensure that you have cold compress/ packs, gauze and other healing dressings, and antibacterial soap.  Set up the house to be ready for your to relax for a few days while your stitches heal over.

How to Take Care After Surgery to Heal Faster

Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Following your surgery, your doctor will generally provide you a list with directions.  A list of things you can and cannot do.  Generally after a stomach surgery, you are not allowed to lift things heavier than a gallon of milk, you also will have provisions on what you eat. 

Here are a few of the basic guides, but expect a longer list from your medical professional:

1. Following your surgery in the 24-48 hours following the surgery, remember to take all prescribed medication.  This includes your pain killers! Ease your body into the aches and pains it may have following those types of surgeries.  Take all medicine with food, you will become nauseated if taken with an empty stomach.  You can swallow the pills with bread or soda crackers.

2. Avoid aspiring products and use Tylenol.  Limit the use of acetaminophen, and work with your doctor on the dosage.

3. Eat and drink easy foods.  You should construct a simple diet with soft and easy to digest foods.  Those can include JELL-O, ginger ale, soup, and soft foods.  Especially within the first 2 days following a surgery on your stomach.   Now, even though this is gross, choose foods with good fiber counts.  Nothing would be worse for stitches than constipation.  Make sure to keep things moving and find foods that are fiber-full.

4. Drink up!  You need to keep your body hydrated, so make sure to keep up on fluids.  

5. Following a surgery, it is advised that you don’t bathe, but rather shower.  Do not sit in water that can infect your incision marks.  Make sure that you consult with your doctor, generally they ask that you wait a few hours to allow the open sores to start healing; the general rule is 48 hours.

6. When you redress the wounds, ensure that you are applying antibiotic ointment to your scars.  After you have showered, it is often advised to wash out the scars with hydrogen peroxide to prevent bacteria from infecting you.  Again, make sure to keep your dressings fresh and change as needed.

7. In regards to warranted activities, do not drive for 1-2 weeks following surgeries.  Your doctor can clear this beforehand if you are healing properly.  However, with the lifting of your arms to steer, you will likely rip your stitches.  If you are on pain medications especially, do not get behind the wheel!  Read all of your labels and know which medications you are on; remember not to drive and instead find a driver for the next couple of weeks!

8. Do not lift anything heavier than 10 lbs. following your surgery!  Make sure you put things at waist level to make sure you are not bending over to pick things up.  You can move things from surface to surface, but eliminate that need to bend over.  Ensure that you are keeping your scars in good condition.

9. Next, rest!  That seem obvious, but your body heals itself best when you are at rest.  So sit down, pull up a comfy recliner and enjoy a few TV seasons while you relax.  It is possible that when healing, your body will clot blood in your legs if you are over exerting yourself.

10. Again, no heavy household chores or exercise.  Allow your body those resting periods, if you want to resume heavy physical activities (including sex) talk with your doctor get clearance.  He will have the best idea of your healing process and will be able to asses any healing scars.

11. Lastly, they will emphasize pretty strongly to refrain from smoking!  Make sure that your scars stand the chance to heal normally, and don’t smoke or use tobacco products.

Remember to be aware of potential infections.  Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following problems:

* Swelling and redness around the incision sites.

* Sever pain that is not masked by your pain medications

* A fever of more than 100 degrees lasting for longer than 24 hours.

* Shortness of breath

* Thick drainage, discolored drainage, or odorous drainage

* Bleeding that doesn’t stop or clot.

Ready To Be Looking Good

Now that you have made it through the worse of a cosmetic surgery, you can start relaxing and getting back to life.  There are a lot of reasons to get those tummies tucked and select other abdominal surgeries, but now you are a step ahead of the curve.  Consult with your doctor before you head out for sunbathing.  But now that you are done, you can get back to live and enjoy your well deserved pampering.  Tummy tucks can be a nerve wracking thing, but now that it is over, take the time to heal and get back to doing the things you love! 

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