20 Ways To Regenerate Aging skin

Skin is the first and the most prominent sign reflecting your age. Irrespective of age, people can mistake you as a teenager if your skin is taut and glowing or think you are a middle-aged mother of two if you are full of wrinkles and dull sagging skin. Aging is an inevitable reality but it is very much in our hands to regenerate the onset or severity of its physical symptoms with proper skin care. Our skin is not deteriorated only due to aging but pollution, bad dietary habits; improper skin care, wounds, pregnancy and other events too affect our skin.

Aging skin

• An aged skin shows signs of wrinkles, large pores, deepening of dark circles, skin dullness, loss of glow and elasticity.

• Skin aging is a result of many other factors other than actual aging.

• Those who do not sleep well age faster. Sleeping well is critical to a good skin. While the person is in a relaxed state of sleep, the body allows for the repair functions of the body to take over. This helps in release of growth hormone to repair the damaged skin cells.

• Take care not to sleep with one side of your face always squeezed between the pillows. This allows for development of fine lines which deepen as you always put pressure on that side.

• Collagen, the skin protein which keeps it tight and young, reduces with age. Having protein rich foods is important to maintain a healthy looking skin as we age.

• Foods such as soy products, dark green leafy vegetables, red fruits like tomatoes, beets and red peppers; cashews, almonds, avocados, salmon, tuna, green and black olives, fresh cucumbers, carrots and sweet potatoes help in collagen production and hence must be consumed regularly.

• Chocolate contains the powerful antioxidants named flavonoids which have been proven to improve skin quality.

• Our skin needs adequate oils for nourishment. Dry skin is prone to early aging. Keep your skin adequately moisturized by consuming water and essential oils.

• A moderate level of physical activity daily is necessary for a clear healthy looking skin. This is because working out enables the accumulated toxins to be removed from the skin. Toxins render an unhealthy look to your face.

• A high fat diet is associated with early skin aging. Limit your fat intake specially saturated fats to a minimum.

• Skin aging is a direct result of cell damage due to free radicals. This must be countered using antioxidants. Vitamins like vit. A, vit. C and vit. E act as antioxidants and must be either consumed in diet or applied externally in the form of creams. Vitamin supplements may also prove to be beneficial for your skin.

• Too much of sunlight especially the afternoon glare damages your skin and lead to skin wrinkling. Hence, care must be taken to ensure that you do not expose yourself to harsh sun rays and use the morning sunlight for most of your sunshine needs.

• Another sure-shot cause of skin wrinkling is smoking. Smoking is the worst culprit and has no benefits even in moderation. There is no alternative to the habit of smoking other than quitting it.

• Stress induces cortisol production which causes collagen loss from the skin. So, think before letting anything get to you.

• Aloe Vera has earned an unbeatable reputation as a skin nourisher and using it won’t disappoint you.

• Skin care supplements are a good option provided they are of a reputed and reliable brand.

• Regenera8 is a wonderful skin care supplement which heals skin damaged due to aging, stretch marks, scars or dehydration. This product is packed with a rich mix of Peptan, Aloe Vera, seaweed, vitamins (A, C & E), botanical extracts of Calendula, Rosemary, Chamomile and Lavendar, each with its unique health-giving properties.

• Turmeric is touted as a remarkable skin healer since ancient times. Using turmeric powder, pastes or turmeric-based skin creams on your wounds or just applying it on your skin as a cream makes your skin clear and glowing.

• Use of topical steroids must be regulated as too much use can cause acne and can thin your skin after constant use.

• Being happy, smiling and laughing can do a world of good to your skin as the feel-good hormones are released. So, kick away the malignant signs of anxiety or depression and look beautiful.

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