Effective Remedies To Control Herpes

The herpes simplex virus or HSV is very prevalent around the world and the fact that it has no cure makes its control quite difficult. The viral infection continues to spread through physical contact and it is highly contagious. In many cases, those with the virus do not exhibit any symptoms but they can still spread the condition.

The virus that develops in human nerve cells is difficult to treat and the different medications in the market have very limited effectiveness. The anti-virus medications help to reduce the severity of symptoms but they do not actually cure the disease.

Factors that cause relapses

When you have herpes, several factors can cause a flare-up of the symptoms. It is important to know what the trigger factors are so that you can avoid them. Some of these include a common cold, exhaustion, hypothermia, trauma, stress, vitamin deficiency, extreme dieting and over exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

People with a low immune system, like those who are HIV positive, are highly susceptible to herpes. The virus that can affect the skin on any part of the body can result in unsightly sores on the face. During an outbreak, you become highly contagious and can transfer the virus from one part of the body to another through contact. You should avoid handling the sores or blisters no matter how itchy you may be feeling and if you touch them make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. Do not try to peel off or burst the blisters, as you will only make them worse.

Using technology to treat herpes

Technology is offering the best hope for treating herpes. The DETA-AP device is proving to be effective because it treats the source of the infection. It works fast and effectively to detox the body while also helping to restore any damaged organs. This device uses wavelengths that pass through the body resulting in the required therapeutic effect. The wave frequency device is precise and it can be set to target and eliminate specific infections.

Electromagnetic therapy is simple and effective because the device is able to deactivate infections when placed at a distance of half a meter. By placing the device in your pocket, you can use it unnoticed at any time. It is used for the treatment of all types of herpes and it works by destroying viruses and eliminating toxins in the body. It is important to drink much more water than usual when using the device. The device is safe to use on people of all ages and no side effects have been reported. The treatment can take anywhere from one to six months depending on the stage and type of the infection.

Effective home remedies

Many experts recommend the use of home remedies to treat and control herpes. While there are different medications in the market, most of them do not work effectively on most patients. Some home remedies are much cheaper and they have better results. Many people experience great discomfort when an outbreak occurs and anything that helps to alleviate the discomfort is welcoming. To get immediate relief, you can rub ice cubes on the affected area. An ice pack can also help suppress the virus and reduce recurrences.

Applying a warm tea bag on the blisters can also help to reduce pain and discomfort. Make sure you use a non-herbal tea bag and apply it for about 30 minutes. Applying Aloe Vera gel on the problem area will also reduce the pain and the appearance of the sores. Most people find taking a warm bath quite helpful. Keeping the blisters and sores clean and dry is important, and for this, you can use an agent like cornstarch. You should always wear sun block when leaving the house to prevent recurrence of the virus. Maintaining proper hygiene and drinking plenty of water is very important.

Eating healthy

One of the best ways to reduce symptoms of herpes is by eating a healthy diet. Foods that are rich in zinc, vitamins and iron should be part of your daily diet. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will keep you healthy and your body is better tasked to suppress the virus. Essentially, a good diet boosts your immune system, helping your body to fight the symptoms well.

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