Should You Vaccinate Your Child?

The creation of vaccines over the course of the past 200 years could arguably be considered one of mankind’s most impressive discoveries. Vaccines have completely transformed medicine and have inevitably saved the lives of millions of people since their introduction in 1796. Every year, a simple routine vaccination given to children around the world prevents thousands of cases of measles, whooping cough, polio, meningitis, rubella, and more. Not only have many diseases cases drastically reduced since the introduction of their respective vaccine, but vaccines have nearly eradicated a great many diseases as well. Still though, many believe vaccines are simply not an option for their child.

The Importance of Vaccination

When a child is born their immune systems are not quite fully developed. This means that children are much more prone to dangerous infectious diseases than a full-grown adult. Though a mother’s breast milk naturally provides young children with antibodies, this does not ensure complete disease and sickness immunity by any means, and this is where vaccinations come into play. Vaccinations support a growing child’s immune system against current threats, and strengthen it to prepare the child for future health threats, as the child grows older.

How Vaccinations Work

Vaccinate Your Child

Vaccinations are shots consisting of extremely weak or dead cells that cause the disease in question, but do not infect you. With this shot, your immune system is a given the chance to recognize the bacteria, combat it effectively, and build a resistance so that the same bacteria cannot infect you again. Doctors only provide the most tried, tested and effective vaccines to patients, so finding a healthy and effective vaccine for your child is as easy as consulting your child’s primary care doctor.

Unreasonable Concern

The reason vaccinations have become somewhat of a point of contention among some parents worldwide is due to the fact that vaccinations are an injection of dead bacterium, and the belief that it will eventually lead to the contraction of the disease the vaccine it is supposed to protect you from (or cause other diseases). In support of these irrational concerns, there are hundreds of hypotheses and claims that vaccines are not necessary.

However, the evidence cannot be ignored. There is a reason most people are clueless as to what diphtheria, pertussis, and rubella are; these diseases killed millions of people every year before doctors developed vaccines to eliminate them. Now, the majority of highly deadly infectious diseases no longer exist. Vaccines, like many other health cures that medical experts have developed over many years, are a scientific breakthrough that has proven to save lives. An unreasonable fear of microscopic dead bacterium isn’t a viable reason to oppose vaccinations.

Especially Useful for School Environments

Vaccines are surely useful for your child’s health in the home environment, but they are also especially useful to prevent many of the contagious diseases common to children in pre-school, kindergarten, and early grade school where sickness spreads easily. With influenza vaccines, you can assure your child will not catch the year’s new strain of bacteria to the fullest severity. Flu shots are not merely reserved for the elderly; children are just as susceptible to influenza and the disease can be just as dangerous, if not more so, in a child. Influenza kills thousands of people every single year, many of these being children. A yearly flu shot could save the large majority of these people.


With all considered, vaccinations are a very important part of every child’s life. Vaccinations prevent the contraction of some of history’s most notoriously dangerous infectious diseases and potentially save the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of young children every year. Not only do vaccines protect your child’s health, but they also protect every child your son or daughter many come in contact with; since your child cannot get infected, this means the disease is not being spread. So please, do your part and have your child vaccinated. If we all work together, vaccinations can help eliminate new diseases from the human population every year.

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