Skin Cancer Pictures, Causes, Types, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

A cancer that affects the skin tissues is called skin cancer. It is the common type of cancer seen in 1million people every year. Reports say that the people suffering with this cancer are increasing rapidly. This mainly arises due to the transformation of the skin cells that grows in number. These multiple cells turn into a mass substance called a tumour. Malicious tissues are harmful which develops sarcoma. This tissue damages the neighbouring ones which grow rapidly. This dangerous tumour may even reach the bloodstream or lymphatic system through remote tissues. Cancer damages the surrounding tissues attacking their space and consumes the necessary nutrients and oxygen which are the major sources for its survival.

Skin Cancer Pictures

Types of skin cancer

It is of three types.

Basal cell carcinoma:

It is seen in lower layer of epidermis.

Squamous cell carcinoma:

cancer that affects the cells of the skin surface is called squamous cancer

Melanoma :

This type of cancer will observe in the skin cells which are responsible for pigmentation.

Common types of cancers are BCC or SSC. Melanoma can be seen in very rare cases. This will not infect the other tissues. If not cured early this will affects the other cells. BBC’S or SSC’S will be commonly seen in older people while melanoma will be witnessed in younger one.

Skin Cancer Causes

Like all other types of cancer this will also develop as small precancerous injuries. These injuries not cancer but may result in this disease over the long time. Medical specialists call these variations as dysplasia. Major changes that take place in the skin are

* Actinic keratosis indicates the roughness of the skin which may become the root cause for developing squamous cell carcinoma.

*No of moles and abnormal like nevus and dysplastic nevi causes melanoma.

* These moles will be pink in colour which can be in flat shape. These are entirely different from the normal moles which can be noticed by the surgeon.

Top Reasons for this cancer are:

* Exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the skin is the major cause for developing this virus.

* Usage of Tanning tabernacles

* Reduction of immune suppression levels in the immune system which defends the human body against the external entities like germs or viruses.

* Exposing to the destructive x-rays.

* Some chemicals like arsenic may result in squamous cancer.

Who will be the risky people?

* Individuals with fair skin of the types like freckle will be affected quickly.

* Persons with many moles at the time of birth.

* Persons who already exaggerated with severe sunburn.

* Those with genetic disorders like albinism, xeroderma pigment sum.

Skin Cancer Symptoms

Skin cancer detection

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1. Basal cell carcinoma appears like a raised glowing bump on the area exposed to the sun.

• Blood vessels may be seen in the infected tumour.

• Irritation and bleeding will be observed in the subjected area.

• In most cases, the sore which develops on the skin will not be identified as BCC.

2. Squamous can be identified easily which develops as a red, scaling patch on the part open to the sun.

• Bleeding can be seen in those areas

• If not treated early this grows into a massive material.

3. Melanomas will look like brown scratches on the skin.

• Changes in the size, shape, colour or extension of the mole.

• The arrival of the new mole, pain, itching, ulceration or bleeding on the current mole.

Skin cancer Prevention

* Protecting from ultraviolet rays of the sun should be your first step.

* Don’t go out especially during the peak time 9 am to 3 pm.

* Dress with appropriate clothes to safeguard the skin.

* Wear hats and sunglasses.

* Apply sunscreens which have sun protective factor more than 15.

* Seek out for shade.

* Avoid indoor treatments like tanning.

Skin cancer Treatments

Skin cancer treatment


This became a most prominent method for handling malignancy. The radiations will be focused on the affected part which destroys the cells.


It is the quickest method to treat skin cancer. Physicians remove the infected area from the body.


It is used for treating melanoma. This is the preferred method by many people with doesn’t contain side effects.


interferon fuels the immune system by destroying the cancer cells.

Photodynamic therapy

This is an alternative treatment for surgeries. It is used to cure BCC, SCC and Actinic keratosis.


These are the chemical substances. Tretinion is used to cure basal and squamous cancer. This chemical can be taken in the form of tablets also.

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