Skin Chafing Picture, Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment

Skin Chafing

Irritation in the skin that may be caused by rubbing with another part of the skin is known as Chafing. This is usually caused by sweat. This may also be caused by other irritants as cloth material that might come in touch with the skin. Burning sensation and painful stinging might occur due to chafing and both these symptoms are a cause of concern and indicate that Chafing is setting in.

Skin chafing has specific areas of occurrence and might primarily occur in armpit, nipple and inner thigh regions. Chafing might not be threatening but can hinder day to day activity.

Causes of chafing

Chafing, though not a major health risk has a number of causes. Some of the major causes of chafing may be dry skin, sweat and presence of moist skin. Moisture that results from wearing of wet or moist clothes might also result in this problem.

Additionally, chemical irritants can also cause the problem of chafing. Laundry detergent use in clothes can be a possible cause resulting in chafing related problems. Skin tight clothes as commonly work by athletes also causes chafing.

Sign of chafing

A burning sensation accompanied by a burning feeling on the skin is a common sign that chafing of the skin is taking place. As one touches any liquid material, this burning sensation is increasingly felt.

Symptoms of chafing

As one moves the palm of the hand where chafing has occurred, a pain is felt. This is a prime symptom that chafing has set in. Slight swelling of the affected area also takes place. In case, remedial measures are not taken to check the swelling in the affected region, chafing problem can get serious.

Redness of the skin also occurs in chafing and in case redness persists after irritation, chafing has set in and the problem needs medical attention.

Prevention of chafing

Chafing is not a major health concern and the problem might last in two days after the source has been treated. In case, chafing persists for more than two days at a stretch medical attention should be sought. Skin chafing can be cured at home and a number of home remedies are available that help cure chafing at home only. For those suffering from chafing, wearing of comfortable clothes that prevents rubbing of clothes to the skin is highly recommended. Better if, clothes having coarse texture are not worn at all, as these irritate the skin.

Changing of wet clothes immediately also helps in prevention of chafing related problems to a great extent. Lubricants as petroleum jelly can be applied to the affected region as this helps in stopping the problem from deteriorating further. Applying alum powder on the affected areas can also help in preventing the problem from compounding further.

Use of mild detergent for washing off the clothes is also recommended as this helps prevent chafing.

Prevention of inner thigh chafing

In case you are overweight, consider loosing weight. This will also help prevent any kind of potential inner thigh chafing. The thigh and groin area should be kept well moisturized, applying lubricants as petroleum jelly can work wonders and keep chafing away.

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Treatment of chafing

Calendula oil
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Treating chafing problem is not a complicated deal and one needs to wash and clean the affected area before patting it dry. As the area affected by chaffing gets pat dried, you will need to apply some petroleum jelly.

In case pain and bleeding occurs, the best strategy is to consult a specialist who can recommend ointment that is specifically prepared to deal with such eventualities. For people who suffer from chafing due to overweight issues, the best remedy is to start loosing weigh before going in for other measures to treat chafing.

If you have the habit of exercising daily and still suffer from chafing related problems, you might need to change your exercising schedule. Perform the exercises either in the early morning or late evening hours. Working out during day time results in sweat formation, thus causing chafing related problems.

Hydrating the skin by taking plenty water during the course of the day is another effective way of treating chafing problem. Dry skin is more prone to chafing and if you maintain the water balance of the body, chances are bright that the problem will get treated in minimal time.

Consider applying Calendula oil on the affected region as it has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and will help one get imminent relief from chafing related problems.

Chafing is primarily a skin related problem. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep away from the problem and be vibrant and lively all the time.

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