Skin Routines To Help Prevent Wrinkles

Prevent Wrinkles

Wrinkles are always on a woman’s mind. You may not think of them now, especially if you are in your 20s or early 30s, but they are coming. Some people call them laugh lines and character lines, but that’s just dressing up the fact that your skin has or will get wrinkles. The problem with wrinkles is that once they are there, they are there forever. You start an uphill battle to conceal them, but they can only be removed through surgery or harsh processes.

That is why you have to start now. There are plenty of products out there that will help your skin, and there is a very good routine you can follow that will nourish your skin and ensure that you don’t get wrinkles when you age. It only takes some time out of your day, and if you are already used to applying skincare products, then this routine will just take a little extra work.

Follow these simple skin routine steps, and it will help prevent wrinkles when you are aging in your 30s, 40s and so on.

Twice a Day Routine

Most of the steps in this routine are done everyday in the morning and at night. The trick to keeping your skin clear is constantly working on it to get rid of any dead skin cells or debris that can clog up the pores. Because of this, make sure you always have at least enough lotion, soap and so on to last you for the two applications.

Gentle Washing

When you get up and before you go to sleep, you need to gently wash your face. For this part of the routine, you don’t need anything harsh, just a simple soap will do. Try to get soaps that have calming and enriching ingredients like chamomile or green tea. These do wonders for the skin, and they should already be in your beauty regimen.

Calming soaps are important, because the skin may become inflamed with frequent washing. If you use harsher soaps, then you may be doing more harm than good.

Feed and Revitalize Skin

Every part of the body needs nourishment, including the skin. Be sure to use lotions and revitalizing serums on your face every morning and night. Find products with collagen, or those that help reduce the breakdown of collagen in the skin.

People who do not feed their skin often suffer from a breakdown in the natural collagen present in facial skin. Collagen is responsible for holding the skin where it is. When the collagen breaks down, this causes pockets to form under the skin, which then cause wrinkles.

The breakdown often occurs when people are in their 30s, but getting started now can really build up your collagen level.

Skin Plumper

Another weakness in the skin is that aging causes it to deflate. This can be countered by using a skin plumper in the morning and night. Make sure you cover both your neck and face, as the neck can be a problem area as well.

When looking for skin plumper, look for a product that has hyaluronic acid. This acid is sometimes referred to the mass that exists within a molecule, so it is very important for filling in the spaces in and under your skin.

Eye Treatments

Along with the entirety of the face, you should also pay special attention to the eyes. Eyes receive some of the most well-known wrinkles, like crow’s feet, so you need to work on them. Like all of the above treatments, make sure you do this both in the morning and at night.

When choosing an eye cream, don’t look just for moisturizers. They are good, and you should make sure the cream can moisturize, but you also need a cream that removes free radicals. These are commonly known as “multi-tasking” creams, and they are some of the best creams you can find.

Nighttime Moisturizer

This just has to be used once a day, and it should be during the night. Wearing nighttime moisturizer with retinol is great for fixing and repairing any damaged skin. Just apply it every night, and then remove it when you wake up.


Lastly, you should also include exfoliating products in your regimen. Exfoliation is far too harsh to be performed once or twice a day, as this can actually damage the skin. This process takes away dead skin via a harsher material. While it is great in moderation for stopping wrinkles, it can really damage you skin if you do it daily.

Instead, use an exfoliating product once a week. Make sure to use it at night, and quickly apply your nighttime product to keep the skin from getting inflamed.


While wrinkles only occur when you age, they can be avoided if you take proper care of your skin. It does take some time, but you should be able to easily use all of these products to keep your skin nice and supple, even when you age.

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