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Skin conditions that cause itching, oozing or breaking out are a common occurrence. There are a number of conditions that could occur on the skin, some being just there while some actually being troublesome. Moles, rashes, hives, and eczema are few of the many skin disorders that affect people largely. There are more than 3000 skin disorders that have a mention in scientific studies. There can result a number of changes in the color and appearance of the skin which results from inflammations, infections or allergic reactions affecting one or more parts of the body. Certain skin conditions are considered temporary and minor and can be easily cured, while a number of other skin disorders can get quite serious and even fatal.

Most of the skin infections are caused by external triggers like fungi and bacteria which are found everywhere in the environment. There are close to 1.5 million different species of fungi on Earth, out of which only about 300 are known to cause sickness among people. 1, 2 fungal diseases are often caused by fungi that are commonly found in the environment. Fungi live everywhere in our environment including outdoors in the soil, plants and trees. Some even thrive on non living indoor surfaces like tables, walls etc. Most of the fungi found are not dangerous, while some could cause serious and harmful impact to the human body.

Some of the common skin conditions that are a result of fungal infections include:

Athlete’s Foot: This condition is also known as tinea pedis, is a fungal infection of the foot. This condition causes the occurrence of skin peeling, redness, itching, burning, and sometimes blisters and sores. Athlete’s foot is a found very commonly in a lot of people. This fungus thrives best in a warm, moist environment like shoes, socks, swimming pools, locker rooms, and the floors of public showers. This infection is known to occur very commonly in the summer season and in warm moist climates. It normally is caused in people who are used to wearing tight shoes or who commonly use public baths and pools. Although this infection is not considered very serious, it could be difficult to cure.

Jock Itch: This condition is a common type of skin infection and is also known as tinea cruris. This infection is typically called by fungi known as tinea. This fungus lives in warm and moist parts of the body and is therefore a common occurrence in the genitals area along with buttocks and inner thighs. This infection commonly occurs in the summers and moist weather conditions. Jock itch is normally characterized by the appearance of red colored rashes that cause intense itching sensation and is often shaped like a ring.

Ringworm: Ringworms are also known as tinea corporis and is caused by a fungi and not a worm. It appears anywhere on the body and is generally characterized by circular, flat red colored sores which are accompanied by scaling of the skin. The outer cover of the sores is normally raised while the middle skin looks normal. Ringworms are a skin condition that is ugly to look at but is rarely considered serious.

Yeast Infections: These are infections of the skin caused by yeast like fungi known as candida. This condition is also known as cutaneous candidiasis. This skin condition occurs when the yeast grows actively on the skin causing a red itchy rash. Yeast infections in most cases are not seen as contagious however can be very troublesome due to the symptoms they cause. Yeast infections may occur on any surface of the body but mostly occur in the warm and moist areas of the body including the genitals and armpits. Candida infection is commonly seen in people who are suffering from obesity or long term diabetes. People suffering from other medical conditions and on antibiotics are also known to be at risk of suffering from yeast infections. Candida yeast infection can also occur in infants causing a diaper rash or an infection in the nails. Oral thrush is a type of candida infection commonly found in the mouth. Candida also leads to vaginal yeast infections that could be very troubling.

What is Econazole Medication?

Econazole topical or Spectazole is a medication that is anti fungal by nature. Econazole topical normally prevents the growth of fungus on the skin and thereby helps in treating fungal infections.

Econazole formulation is extremely helpful in treating skin infections like athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, and other forms of fungal skin infections. This medicine is also found helpful in treating a skin condition that is known as pityiasis or tinea versicolor which is a fungal infection that causes skin discoloration around the neck, arms, chest or leg region. Econazole is an anti fungal which also prevents the further growth of fungi.

What are the common Side effects Associated with Econazole?

Econazole is normally considered as a safe topical medication that is not known to cause any serious side effects. However, in case you see any serious reactions of side effects that are caused after you start the use of econazole, stop the medication immediately. The most common forms of side effects that could be caused by this medicine include blistering, itching, redness, peeling, dryness, swelling, or irritation of the skin. There can also be certain side effects that are caused other than the ones listed. Speak to your doctor in case you find any troublesome reactions that you can associate with the start of this medication. Before starting this medication make sure you read the list of possible side effects for complete information.

There are not many cases of allergic reaction to this drug that have been reported, however in case you do come across any such reactions, make sure you inform your treating doctor immediately. Symptoms associated with a serious allergic reaction include rashes, itching, dizziness or breathing difficulties.

Who Should Refrain from Using Econazole?

Econazole topical must be avoided by those who have incurred severe allergic reactions to this medication in the past. Econazole topical is not known to cause any specific reactions to the unborn baby however before using this medicine speak to your doctor and inform him in case you are expecting. There isn’t enough evidence on whether econazole passes through breast milk. Avoid using this medication without first consulting with your doctor about the associated risks incase you are nursing your baby.

How should I use econazole topical (Spectazole)?

This medication should be used exactly as prescribed by the doctor. In case you are not clear about the usage guidelines speak to your doctor for a clear understanding in order to prevent wrong usage of this medicine.

Always make sure you clean your hands before and after using this medicine as this medicine is likely get into your food through unwashed hands. Before application ensure that the affected area is clean and dry. Use this medicine twice a day for 2 to 4 weeks or as recommended by the doctor. Ensure you complete the medication course for the prescribed time suggested by the doctor even if the symptoms begin to feel better or the skin seems to have healed completely.

In case the infection does not clear up in a time span of 2 to 4 weeks or in case the symptoms seem to worsen, speak to your doctor at the earliest.

Do not cover the affected area using cloth or bandages unless other wise suggested by doctor. It is best to leave the infected area open for the air to pass through it. You can use a light gauge so as to prevent staining of your clothes with the medicine stains. Avoid this medicine from getting into your eyes, nose or mouth; and in case it does happen ensure you rinse with water immediately. This medicine needs to be stored in room temperature away from heat and moisture.

In case you happen to miss a dose, apply the same as soon as you remember, but do not apply twice in case you are scheduled for the next dose. Do not double the dose or use the medication extra as it will not cause your infection to heal earlier.

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