Staying Healthy on a Tight Budget: 5 Tips You Need to Know

If your job is anything like mine, you probably spend a lot of your day sitting in a chair and typing. The most exercise you get is walking around the office from meeting to another. We live increasingly sedentary lives, and it’s slowly killing us. This is not how we were designed to be!

If you are fed up with your sedentary life and are looking to get healthy, there is no need to spend a fortune Ð health doesn’t have to cost a fortune! There are great ways to stay healthy, even when you are on a tight budget. By taking 5 creative steps to get healthy on a tight budget, you will enjoy a slimmer lifestyle and a fatter wallet. And who can say no to that?

Healthy Staying Budget

Skip the Gym

Many people immediately think of pricey gym memberships when they think of ways to get in shape. The reality is that you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on costly fitness center memberships in order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. In order to get adequate exercise, all you have to do is simply start moving. Walking is an easy and free exercise that requires only a pair of comfortable shoes. Lace up your shoes and start walking and you will see a difference in your overall health.

There are many great exercises that you can do without spending a penny. Turn on your radio and dance for 15 minutes at a time, three times a day. You will have gotten 45 minutes of exercise while having fun and enjoying great music. Dust off your rusted old bike and go for a ride around the local park. Grab a pair or roller blades and get your legs moving for a great exercise that won’t break the bank.

Don’t Spend a Fortune at the Supermarket

If you want to eat healthy, you don’t have to spend excess amounts of money on fancy “diet” foods. Many of these foods are loaded with hidden ingredients that sabotage your efforts to stay healthy. They can also put a dent in your finances. If you want to save money while eating right, simply shop around the perimeters of your supermarket. Start in the produce section and circle around the edge of the store until you get back to the front. Avoid buying foods in boxes.

They often have higher calorie counts and are loaded with preservatives and added sugar. By shopping this way, you will be able to avoid the high-calorie, fatty foods in the center of the supermarket. You will also save money by buying only fresh foods that are often lower in cost than processed food.

Skip the Fancy Diets

The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar one, flooding consumers with diet plans that promise dramatic results. These plans often work well in the short-term. Many people, however, find that once they are no longer following the diet plan, they gain back the weight they lost and more. These plans can be quite expensive, with some costing hundreds of dollars a month. If you understand the principles that these diet plans use to help you lose weight, you will not only be able to save money by skipping their formulas.

Diet plans work by offering proper portion control. Plans that send you food every month work because you are only eating food that is portion controlled for your body’s caloric needs. You can duplicate this at home without breaking the bank. Simply eat less than the number of calories your body needs to maintain your weight. If your body needs 2,000 calories a day, for example, cutting out 500 calories a day will help you lose a pound a week. There are online calculators and weight loss diary programs that will help you achieve this. By skipping the fancy diets, you will stay healthy on a tight budget.

Take Advantage of Free Resources

There are tons of free resources on the Web that will help you lose weight and keep it off. Free online support groups, calorie tracker apps and nutrition websites are available to assist in your quest for health. Take advantage of these and enjoy better health.

Make a Decision to Be Healthy

The simplest and easiest way to stay healthy on a tight budget is to make it a priority in your life. Simply choose to be healthy and the opportunities will find you.

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