The Health Benefits of Raw Papaya Seed

Papaya Seed

Actually proven to work against parasites

It’s understandable to have a healthy dose of skepticism when someone tells you a home remedy will work. There is indeed a lot of snake oil out there. But a study was done on a sample of 60 asymptomatic Nigerian children who showed microscopic evidence of parasites. The study had two groups. One was given air dried Carica papaya seeds with honey while the other group was just given honey as a placebo. The results showed that in the stool samples of those who had actually received treatment, about 76% of them had absolved any signs of parasites, compared with the placebo group where only about 16% of them showed no parasitic infection.

So, that said, one of the great uses for eating raw papaya seed would be to clear your system of any possible parasites. Now if you live in the first-world, you might think parasites would never be a concern to you. But in 2014, the CDC actually announced there is a concern for parasites in Americans. They can be ingested via contaminated food or water. Sometimes symptoms go unnoticed or don’t receive proper diagnosis. Some examples of parasites and parasitic infections found in the US include trypanosoma cruzi, the taenia solium tapeworm, toxocara, toxoplasma gondii, and trichomoniasis. Most of these can be avoided by taking proper care to avoid contact with dog and cat feces or fecal matter. Also avoid uncooked pork and meats, as well as unwashed vegetables. The last one is actually an STD, although curable. You can go to the doctor and get a prescription for anti-parasitic medication. Or you can try raw papaya seeds. You could probably do both, to be safe. Pretty sure you don’t have parasites? The seeds are plain good for your digestive system as a sort of cleanser.

Nutritional Value

Papaya seeds are thought to be high in fat and protein, as well as a good source of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It is important to know however that in high doses there is a toxicology risk. In a study done on gravid and nongravid rats, high concentrations were shown to cause toxic effects specifically on isolated uterine tissues. This is related to papaya seeds’ claimed use as a contraceptive. In some cases damages were “significantly irreversible”. However these were exceedingly high doses. The normal serving amount of papaya and papaya seeds are safe and nutritional. Also the typical serving amount isn’t very much. You definitely don’t need to scrape out a whole papaya. A teaspoons worth or half a teaspoon, with some added honey for taste, will do.


Papaya seeds actually contain petroleum ether, ethyl acetate, n-butanol, ethanol, and water that can be extracted for study. Research studying these extracts found that the ethyl acetate and n-butanol in particular had the strongest effect toward eliminating different kinds of free radicals. It was noted that their antioxidant activity was even higher than that of common ascorbic acid or “Vitamin C”. Therefore papaya seeds are of great use as a natural antioxidant.

Digestive Enzymes

Papaya seeds have digestive enzymes such as papain, which is believed to help the intestinal environment. It can be used possibly for food poisoning or incidences of high inflammation in the digestive system.

Contraceptive Claims?

I really wouldn’t recommend replacing your trusty contraceptive methods with this risky one, but it is good to be aware of the link found between papaya seeds and decreased fertility in male animals. In one study done on male rabbits, different groups were divided up and given varying doses. It was shown to fail as a contraceptive for male rabbits; however a different study done on male mice actually showed a reduction in fertility. This reduction was reversible at the stopping of the treatment.

Consult Your Doctor

It is important to ask your doctor before using papaya seeds on a regular basis or medicinally as certain compounds within them could interact with certain medications.

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