The Truth Of Fast Weight Loss Diet For Women

There are two things that I am going to discuss in here. First is about various diets that bring about fast weight loss diet for women and how to lose weight fast. I will then discuss another way to lose those fats and how this can benefit you for a longer time.

Tactics for a Fast Weight Loss

You shouldn’t be a genius to know that in order for you to shed some weight you will have to take in few calories, but how is this best done?

Women Weight Loss

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A Food Diet Combination

The diet program is made to let you know that there are only certain foods combination allowed that can be eaten by groups. You will have a better digestion of food if this process is done and that you will think of eating it in their respective groups which will bring about better results. Like for instance when eating steak you don’t partner it with chips.

These are the meal groups as stated below:

Proteins (beans, fish, seeds, nuts, meat and poultry) along with Starches (grains, breads, carrots, cereal, rice, pasta, and more) must be eaten separately. Either both may be partnered with vegetables

Fruits should be taken alone.


Even if this kind of a diet sounds right theoretically, a lot of people find this dietary plan difficult and impractical to try. It simply means that you can’t have both the chicken and a ham sandwich. You won’t even take pleasure of eating a Sunday roast of meat paired with potatoes. A lot just do not seem to understand the point of following this kind of a diet plan.

Atkins Diet

A lot of us heard of this type of a diet and it is a sensational one. Lots of people have observe rapid weight loss of this particular diet but you may find unwanted effects attached with it.

The diet plan is dependent on an extremely high level of protein and foods high on fats. This will eventually let you stop eating all of these carbohydrate based food such as pasta, bread, potatoes and rice.

For your breakfast meal you will have in your diet plan bacon and eggs and when eating your snacks you can eat cheese. On what you eat for lunch or dinner can be a whole chicken or possibly a huge steak of which you cook using oil if not butter. You may likely add a full fat cream fresh to your coffee. Sounds, weird don’t you think!


There are reports that if you follow this plan that you will eventually have a foul breath since it seems like a problem associated with the Atkins diet. Studies of this kind of a diet seems to prove that your body needs carbohydrates far from what the plan has for you that you consume protein of 90% of more which will create a problem in the long run and may ruin your kidneys. Also with eating only less fruits and vegetables in your diet which may lead to serious health problem like that of cancer and heart disease.

Detox Diet

Minimizes how much chemicals ingested (for instance, when you eat organic food). Emphasize foods that supply the body with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that demands for detoxification. Contains foods that are high in fiber and water that get and eliminates toxin by helping the frequency of urination and bowel movements.

Detox diet varies. Generally, when eating nuts, seeds, fruits, herbal teas and beans which has to be taken with a considerable amount of water.

What is not to be eaten are fish, dairy, eggs, wheat, alcohol, salt, sugar, caffeine and other kinds processed foods.


Is it possible to take away your nuts and seeds? For most, I know you can’t. This is actually one diet plan from the thought of how it is to be done many of us would stay away from it. Most often people would immediately say upon hearing it.

Medically speaking this diet plan has its lows because it lacks nutrients that may lead to a lower immune system and deficiencies. Signs of using these diet program also includes poor concentration, headaches, poor skin, indigestion, muscle pain and fatigue aside from having a bad breath.

This diet is often referred to as a ‘yo-yo’ plan since this will most likely make you regain your weight fast especially when you get to eat the proper foods again.

What Diet Should Work?

There is absolutely no clear response to this as for all of us differ, some may actually have health concerns and all of us differs most of our body shapes. Also men and women will still resort to trying out this quick fix kind of a diet to desperately shed of that weight as fast as they can.

With all of this that has been spilled on this talk you must by then realize how sticking with the most basic kind of a diet plan and a healthy way out of it is the best fix.

Basic Healthy Tips

– Get plenty of fluids each day

– Do a moderate exercise 3 times weekly

– Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits (tip: green veggies do have good carbohydrates)

– Eliminate bad fats (chips, pizza, burgers etc)

– Consume good fats (extra virgin olive oil if not anything rich in Omega 3, salmon)

– Have a limited quantity of carbohydrate on your brown pasta, brown rice, brown bread and with your potatoes.

– Eat a lot of protein in fish, chicken and with eggs (tip: protein makes you feel full)

You to get still take in the foods that you want but do your best to overcome your diet as stated above. You’re prone to stay with a diet plan when eating the meals you want and also you need not check out specialty shops to shell off money of those expensive ingredients.

By adhering to the tips as stated above, will allow you to shed off around 1-2 pounds per week which is if on a steady and healthy diet plan. It may not be a how to lose weight fast quick fix kind of a diet plan women hope it for but eventually in the long run it does wonders as it is not destroying your health and it makes you fit which is best to do rather than follow a sure way that will let you get those shed off fats back.

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