Tips To Prevent Insect Bites

Prevent Insect Bites
As summer has set in, the time has also come for picnics in the park, camping trips, bike rides, baseball games, golf outings and afternoons in the swimming pool. Along with this you must not forget that the insects have also started to come out. Many types of insects like mosquitoes, mites, bees, wasp, yellow jacket, hornet and fleas get ready to bite and feast on you.Most of us do not take an insect bite seriously until it causes some skin infection. Insect bite symptoms are mostly a red, swollen patch of skin that itches and sometimes there is pain. If you are not allergic to insect bites then the itching and pain may subside in a few hours or within a few days, depending on the insect which has bitten you. When a person is allergic to insect bites then he might need immediate medical attention.

Insect bites are of two types, the venomous and the non-venomous. Venomous insects attack you as a defense mechanism and they inject painful and lethal toxic venom through their sting. Bees, wasps, hornets and ants are some of the venomous insects. Non-venomous insects like mosquitoes, sand flies, chiggers, bugs, fleas, lice and ticks bite to feed on your blood. Although you may experience irritation and redness at the site of non-venomous bites, they are not severe. Severe allergic reactions happen with venomous insect bites. Sometimes non-venomous insects carry bacteria and virus that cause serious diseases like Malaria, Yellow Fever, Typhus, Lyme disease and Sleeping sickness.

Follow a few simple tips for preventing insect bites rather than to go in search for a cure.

Find The Sources Of Insect Bite 

Working in your garden or walking out in a park where there is thick vegetation puts you at a risk of being bitten by insects. So take precautions like wearing a full sleeved top and full trouser while working in the garden or while you go to the park so that the amount of exposed skin is reduced.

Traveling in the summer to places where there are a lot of mosquitoes and other types of insects puts to a higher risk of insect bites, so it will be better to avoid traveling to such places. Even if you travel take some precautions like sleeping under a mosquito net and applying repellents.

Pets are a source for insects as they may carry fleas, so keep your pets free of fleas.

Beds can be the breeding ground for bugs and fleas, keep your bed clean and check them regularly for bugs.

Have a Clean Home

Insects breed in dirt and mess, to avoid insects try to keep your home, garden and workplace, clutter free so that their invasion can be minimized.

Avoid Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes and many insects breed in standing water, check your garden for any standing water and get rid of it.

Avoid Perfumes and Bright Clothes

Insects are attracted to flowery and bright colored dress; avoid wearing them when you work in the garden. Strong perfumes, soaps and lotions also attract insects so it is better to avoid them. Fresh flowers kept inside the house tend to attract insects from outside.

Do Not Harm Them

When you try to blow away the nests of bees and wasps they get agitated and attack you furiously. When caught in a swarm of bees or wasps, do not try to wave them as it might make them more furious, so get out of the swarm slowly.

Use Repellents

You can use insect repellents on the exposed skin and even clothing to prevent insect bites. Fresh mint leaves in a bowl of water helps prevent flies and mosquitoes and you have to change the water and mint leaves regularly.

Pest Control

Check your house and garden regularly for insects and use insect repellent sprays to keep them away. Use nets on your windows to avoid insect bites.

Hope these tips for preventing insect bites will be useful and help you to be free of insect bites, this summer.

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