Yoga Therapy For Panic Attacks

Yoga therapy

The term is widely in use nowadays. With the increase in development in the field of technology, the tendency of people to fall sick has also increased largely. The traditional thought of provision of medication to the ill has also changed. Yoga has come into the fore-front currently to heal up illness. The term ‘YOGA’ actually means bringing the mind and the body together.

Various yester-years books and Vedas have already mentioned YOGA as a tool to cure innumerable illness, to heal up much kind of discomforts.


Yoga therapy is done in a one to one method. There is only the professional and the client. The therapist should have every knowledge about his/her client’s lifestyle. He/she should be aware of the stress the person is going through, food-habits, family history, and other treatments that he/she is taking.

A person who is anxious or prone to panic attacks is suggested to take Yoga sessions. The chief goal of Yoga is to attain relaxation and provide a state of peace of mind. Various asana are there which has to be done that is factually helpful. Deep and long breaths to be taken so as to overcome the stress. Yoga therapy brings about that positive energy in oneself to look up to things on a brighter aspect. Years back Yoga used to be the only cure in case of any discomfort. With the modern changes, and invention of new medication techniques, Yoga happened to lag behind, but currently at the edge of modernization Yoga has again got its own space to flourish.

Ways implemented

Various ways are implemented by professionals to cure ‘PANIC ATTACKS ‘. Counseling is done to the patient in order to figure out the actual reason. Many a times the patient is unaware of the attack, it occurs on a subconscious level, stress and many other situations lead to the same. In such cases Yoga and meditation, proved to be a boon.

The therapist has to be a friendly person so that the victim can open up to him/her easily without a hesitation. Speaking to the professional once/ twice a week as per the need could be helpful for the patient.

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Apart from counseling, and meditation, the patient must also be taught to handle difficult situations on his/her own. This might provide confidence.

Panic attacks lead to difficulty in breathing, heart-racing thereby causing HYPERTENSION and development of many diseases like ANGINA- PECTORIS, CONESTIVE HEART FAILURE etc. The goal is to attain a calm and cool state of mind and overcome such nuisances.


It has been clinically proven that to overcome stress, yoga works in an excellent manner. People tend to put up weight due to excessive stress, tension. Yoga works the best in such cases. Weight-loss is done as well as fitness is attained. Thus a healthy body and a healthy mind are achieved.

There are innumerable institutes that already budded up in order to serve for health. These institutes comprise of trained professionals who are allotted to provide their best to the needy. Treatment is done after testing the patient to the fullest. Right from the physical check-up to every personal detail is a must. Vital nutrition, vitamin supplements are prescribed along with exercises. A routine checkup has been done totally the differences from the beginning till the current state.

The Yoga professional should always take care of the guidelines, and norms that are followed and accepted world-wide.

A lot of people nowadays actually suffer from loneliness, and that again lead to anxiety, stress, tension. Indulgement into yoga classes might provide them a platform to socialize, which would be another advantage of yoga.

Yoga actually deals with distracting oneself from unwanted thoughts. Thus rejuvenating the mind.

Why opt for Yoga?

Yoga is the best tool for self-improvement, confidence and to build up self realization of one’s true potential. It hardly needs any costly equipment, could easily be done anywhere, unlike medicines it does not have a specific dose neither a specific time is required. Yoga can be practiced at any age, it does not require special/ fancy clothes. It works on the body and mind simultaneously.

In today’s hectic life yoga serves to be a boon. No money is required to practice Yoga, all that is need is the willingness to practice the same. Regular practice can provide a healthy mind and a healthy body enriched with positive energy.

We all are running at an alarming rate to lead a good life, but a life without peace has no meaning at all, yoga has that power to provide us one. Moreover one can actually control his/her ailment, and stop it from happening again. Thereby enjoying each and every aspect of life.

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